Arthritis Pain Relief

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Margie Garrison has devised an amazing program that makes any arthritis sufferer pain free

"Margie Garrison, has in "I Cured My Arthritis You Can to," once again proven the adage that "we are what we eat" and also has artfully shown that we are responsible for our own bodies and that since we cause our ailments we obviously have the power to cure oneself of these ailments.

"Margie points out that we are programmed by our physicians i.e. 'you will get progressively worse' or 'there is nothing that can be done... you will be in a wheel chair within five years'. When we listen to our physicians they are usually correct in their estimates and because they have a track record of being correct, we listen them. Thus, the vicious cycle of placing doctors in an all knowing, all powerful position is established. The key to the physician's correct prediction is, of course, our belief in his/her words and therefore our self-programming to perform just as we are supposed to.

"Margie breaks this cycle. She shows how through proper nutrition, proper positive mental attitude and determination plus exercise she was able to cure her self and her two children and how many of us following her lead will be able to cure ourselves of not only arthritis. but other conditions as well. More importantly, we can, by using these techniques, prevent these maladies from occurring in the first place. "Medical science is beginning to understand and 'prove' how much nutrition works. We are learning about the anti-oxidant properties of vitamin A, C, E and Selenium. We have studies showing that many cancer growths in laboratories are inhibited by the presence of these chemicals.

"We also are learning about why diet helps arthritis. We now know why many of the foods Margie puts in her NO LIST are there. They contain chemicals that cause the body to produce chemicals called Inflammatory Prostaglandins which are directly responsible for the flaring of certain arthritis conditions.

"Margie has shown us a practical way to begin a journey. We need only follow the path and say --- 'Thank You, Margie'."

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