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Lliad is a chat software system, which allows one-to-one communications between a customer and customer support personnel. Lliad software is designed specifically to solve what is called the e-commerce tragedy, which relates to the poor levels of customer satisfaction due to the effects of explosive growth in users.

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Lliad ( ) is a web application that integrates all types of communications (voice, email, chat) and wraps them in workflow queues to ensure they get answered and noticed by customer support or others in the organization.

This application can be used to connect customers, dealerships, sale persons, franchises and much more. The system can be used for conducting e-commerce transactions, for ticket tracking in software development, for subscription based customer support or other professional services, training in human resource departments, sales-person daily updates, xml content publishing.

Says Allan Regenbaum - Marketing V.P. “Lliad is a chat software system, which allows one-to-one (also known as one-on-one) communications between a consumer and customer support personnel".

Why yet another chat system? Lliad software is designed specifically to solve what is called the e-commerce tragedy, which directly relates to the poor levels of customer satisfaction due to the effects of explosive growth in online users.

Says Malcolm Silberman – Software Architect, “Imagine a system that reads and understands what the customer is saying and creates intelligent links so that both customers and support have dynamically created links to access answers to questions posed. Each screen has a "Generate smart links" which is manually run by support personnel on an ad-hoc, as needed basis. This bot then examines the context of the discussion and creates smart (context sensitive) links."

Lliad has applications in a wide range of industries. “We are speaking with the commercial and recreational travel industry about the benefits of Lliad. Franchise organizations also find the application useful for communicating with head office, utilizing simple hand-held devices.”

Another interesting application is within professional billing organizations that include lawyers, accountants and doctors. The application enables secure encrypted chats, which can be billed based on hourly rates. In a sense, this is an easy way to measure and charge customers for expertise.

The following are comments from two customer support users:

Laura at The chat software allows us to interact one-on-one with each customer in real time, while dealing with many customers at once. Issues are delegated to the proper departments with the click of a button, and the integrated links allow quick maneuvering through the system for easy information retrieval. The system even e-mails the customer their chat transcripts, and makes following up on issues easier. While phone systems do not store previously placed calls to customer service in an easily accessible format, old chats are logged and are very accessible, providing verbatim information from a past issue that keeps the customer service representative and the customer informed and able to handle issues more efficiently.

Jeri at Being able to use Lliad software to support our chat system has been a blessing in disguise for us as well as for our customers. For the consumer, Lliad provides an interactive chat system that allows them the opportunity to "chat" with customer support in order to obtain information about order progress, stock availability and ask general questions about shipping, costs and those issues that pertain to their individual orders. This chat system also allows the consumer to leave a message in the event that they can't wait, and have a customer support person get back to them at a later time that day. In turn, customer support can readily access customer’s orders with the click of a button and provide detailed information right down to being able to track a package that has been sent from the warehouse. This chat system also frees up man-hours spent on the telephone and in sending out emails in favor of a direct one on one conversation with the consumer in real time, which many consumers seem to prefer. Lliad software and the support it offers really boosted the moral and productivity of our customer service team and I foresee it only being an asset in streamlining our existing customer service model.

Digital People, Inc is a software consultancy that specializes in assisting companies to exploit opportunities presented by open source software. They provide services such as consultation, installation, and configuration, setup training and support staffing, placement, recruitment, customization and integration. Recent trends show that services based on software is a dominant business model for open source software. In practice most entrepreneurs have focused on services associated with the maintenance and support of open source software, rather than true software as a service.

With the introduction of Lliad, Digital People have developed skills in training customer support to handle the nuances of chat interaction.

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