‘After Sundown’ Horror Flick Before Cameras in North Texas - Fort Worth, Garland, Grandview are ‘Home on the Range’ to Vampires and Zombies.

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On location photography is underway in North Texas for the 90-minute horror flick, "After Sundown," set for a direct-to-video release next summer. The cast, producers, directors, etc. are disclosed with the principals also discussing their vision of "film factory" in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to produce sci-fi, horror and thriller digital movies.

After Sundown Film Partners of Dallas/Fort Worth began principle photography in North Texas in late November on a 90-minute, direct-to-video horror film – “After Sundown.” The movie mixes modern-day vampires and zombies with American Old West characters in pitched battles featuring viewer-startling special effects.

Associated Dallas/Fort Worth-based production companies Windblown Films (http://www.windblownfilms.com) and ThinkTank Entertainment (http://www.thinktankenter.com) continue on location photography for the next several weeks at various locations in Garland, Fort Worth and at Beaumont Ranch in Grandview, TX, about 40 miles south of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Of course, the required graveyard, church and funeral home scenes are all on the shoot list as well.

Starring in the digital horror movie are Susana Gibb, Reece Rios, Natali Jones, J. Christopher, Jamie Amaral, Joey Galt,Angela Gair,Gayle Massey and Jeff Griffin. Horror and thriller fans also will see special guest star and McKinney resident Jake Billingsley, one of the most popular participants in CBS Television’s reality series, “Survivor Thailand.” (http://www.survivorjake.com or http://www.jakebillingsley.com)

Executive Producers Christopher Abram and Keith Randal Duncan compare the concept for “After Sundown” (http://www.aftersundownmovie.com) to “Nosferatu” meets “High Plains Drifter” and “Dawn of the Dead (2004).” The film is expected to be released next summer.

Abram, who also is the Writer and Director, is best known as Executive Producer, Writer and Director for “The Fanglys,” (The Asylum Distribution, Los Angeles) a micro-budget horror flick that has done extremely well in its current home video release. The accomplished actor and voice-over talent is a graduate of KD Studios’ degree program. He is listed in the Internet Movie Data Base (http://www.imdb.com).

“My Co-director is Michael W. Brown, a regionally renowned, award-winning theatre director with a particular talent for getting optimum performances from his actors,” Abram said. Credits for Brown, an Arlington, Texas native, include Fort Worth’s Casa Mañana Theatre (Equity stage) and video shorts for “The Mike & Toby Show.” “Brown does not work exclusively on the dark side. He also is a nationally syndicated cartoonist,” Abram noted.

Duncan (http://www.imdb.com), the movie’s Producer, is a Dallas native and 20-year veteran of film, video, theater and the amusement industries. He is a member of the Dallas Producers Association and the Texas Association of Film & Tape Professionals. Previous films to his credit include “Ramming Speed,” “Dark Dealer” and “Something of Mine.”

Duncan, Abram and Brown all work with The Movie InstituteTM (http://www.movieinstitute.com) a program dedicated to teaching the motion picture, video and television arts. The producers describe the film’s plot as “an action-packed story of a young woman who uncovers a dark secret.”

“She is plunged into battle with a predatory vampire from the Old West who has the power to create undead zombie slaves that assist him on his search for his vampire offspring. With the help of Texas locals, our heroine ends the growing threat in a wild clash of vampires and zombies, sending the creatures straight to Hell!” Abram said.

The contemporary Texans of Grandview (pop. 1,358), or Dallas/Fort Worth for that matter, need not fear the ghouls and demons, since much of the independent motion picture is being shot at night. However, a close look at the re-animated corpses that populate the film may instill more than a few nightmares, courtesy of Joshua Fread.

The Texan, a graduate of a Hollywood make-up institute, is in charge of the blood-curdling make-up effects. Fread has been working his cosmetic magic on more than 60 unpaid extras from all over the region who are submitting to the involved process in order to be a part of “After Sundown.”

“Current demand for fresh, professionally-produced pictures in the micro-budget or low, low budget, horror genre is high…a growth area for entertainment product,” Duncan stated.

Genres . . . R-O-I

“The target audience has an extremely voracious appetite for new product. Many distributors report that the supply requirement for eye-popping story lines and gory special effects is getting hard to meet,” Duncan said. “The video rental firms are finally welcoming these micro-budgeted shockers, as long as they contain the needed elements to satisfy the market niche. Being ardent enthusiasts ourselves, Chris and I know what the fans want, as well as how to deliver product on budget.”

Duncan has worked in the film and video industry as a producer, director, writer, videographer, assistant cameraman, special effects make-up artist, effects coordinator and a grip for such companies as Aries Productions, Storer Cable, Hot On! Episodic TV Show, Studios at Las Colinas, Santa Fe Railroad, Minyard Foods, S & A Corporation, Southwestern Christian College, Fox , The Bass Family and Tracy-Locke advertising agency. In the amusement industry, he was a "Haunted"/Dark Attraction and Laser Tag Arena Producer/Designer and Stunt Show Creator, as well as a founding member of the International Association of Haunted Attractions.

“Chris and I envision a ‘movie factory’ or factories in the DFW area capable of producing at least six titles a year,” he said. “The movies are funded by private investors. Our goal is to keep budgets low, thus potentially restricting risk, while keeping a stable product flow through the pipeline to the distributor.”

“These pictures meet the market need as related to us by distributors, and that will be the driving force behind all production: market need, budgetary restraint and on screen value,” Abram added.     

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Note to Editors:

Downloadable high-resolution digital images of the producers, director, cast members, behind-the-scenes and movie logo are available at the Web site: http://www.aftersundownmovie.com/press.htm Key photos for this release are:

•Christopher Abram and Keith Randal Duncan, Executive Producers

•A male zombie featuring Joshua Fread’s make-up artistry.

For More Information or Interviews:

Chris Abram, Executive Producer, Writer, Director, After Sundown Film Partners, Fort Worth, 817-296-3654; chris@windblownfilms.com

Keith Randal Duncan, Producer, After Sundown Film Partners, Dallas, 972-599-9293, keith@thinktankenter.com

Preston F. Kirk, APR, Kirk Public Relations, Austin TX, 830-693-4447; kirk@281.com

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