Increase Sales with Television Style Advertising Playing Inside Your Store

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Retailers such as Hipwear are realizing an increase in sales due to high impact video messaging targeting potential customers walking by store windows and browsing inside the store. How digital sign solutions move beyond traditional in store print advertising to enhance sales and the entire shopping experience.

You spend money advertising to get people into your store or business, why not advertise to them and turn them into customers once they've arrived? Traditionally, point of sales advertising has been done using posters, pictures and still images, but with the advent of inexpensive video monitors such as flat panel LCD screens and plasma displays, businesses have the opportunity to use high impact television style commercials to turn store browsers into paying customers. "Imagine the ability to lower the price of an item at the drop of a hat and advertise it to your customers almost immediately, or run ads inside your store that target a demographic based on the time of day or day of the week," says Jay McCarthy Founder and President of the 3rd Bird Media Group based in Northern California. "You can literally create multiple playlist and advertising schedules that play and loop inside your store based on the time of day or day of the week." With printed media, in store advertising takes weeks or even months of planning and lead time. Large format printing is expensive and it takes away the flexibility of being able to change the advertising message and adapt to evolving retail trends. If the price of an item in a store changes, all the printed material has to be redesigned, laid out, and reprinted. Changing anything in print marketing can be very expensive and takes an investment in time. With a digital sign solution by the 3rd Bird Media Group, changing the price of an item can be as simple as opening up a web browser and typing in a new price. The system refreshes immediately changing the price or ad without incurring additional expense. "The concept is easy, but the results can do wonder for the bottom line," says McCarthy. "Beyond the cost savings, think of the impact a television commercial has on viewers compared to that of a print advertisement. We live in an era when the quick cuts of MTV style television commercials are the norm. Viewers expect to see lots of moving graphics, high energy video and quick delivery of the intended message; printed images have an entirely different impact."    

So what is a digital sign solution? In its simplest form, a system is comprised of a video display such as a standard television, video projector, LCD or Plasma monitor, and a playback source such as a DVD player. If the advertising doesn't change often, this is the most economical solution, however it is also the most limiting. A better solution is a system that is comprised of single or multiple displays, a player that's usually a computer or dedicated hardware device and a server that can control playback and content looping schedules from anywhere in the world. This systems allows flexibility of changing content, using live news, television, or video feeds, and targeting advertising messages to specific demographics and schedules. These systems can run multiple messages on different displays in the same store, or can feed the same message to multiple displays. For either the economical solution or the more flexible system, video content needs to be authored and compressed into a format that can be read by a dvd player or a computer playback system. Using a professional production company such as the 3rd Bird Media Group or professional in-house marketing team will yield the best results.

For Jay McCarthy he not only sells the solution and provides the production services through the 3rd Bird Media Group, he also uses the system in an upscale retail store in San Jose, California he owns called Hipwear "We designed short ads promoting our Halloween costumes and Holiday attire that measurably helped sales during those periods. We also run behind the scenes modeling footage from out photo-shoots and video from events and parties that we sponsor. The content elicits a lot of positive feedback from our customers, and keeps people shopping our store longer. Men, who traditionally hate shopping for women's clothing with their wives or girlfriends, often comment on how much they enjoy shopping at Hipwear. The digital signs are the driving force because it reinforces the branding message and overall vibe of the store." Beyond traditional retailers, digital sign solutions are perfect for auto dealerships, real estate offices, banks and mortgage brokers, night clubs and restaurants, as well as hotels and movie theaters.

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About Jay McCarthy and the 3rd Bird Media Group

Jay McCarthy is an award winning producer and media veteran with over 15 year of experience in front of and behind the camera. He was a senior video producer at Apple Computer, and later founded the 3rd Bird Media Group who successfully designed and launched the Motor Trend Online video series, and numerous productions for Apple Computer, FileMaker,, the Power Shot Tool Company, Transamerica Corporation, and many others. His automotive coverage includes productions on Bentley Automobiles, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Audi, Acura, General Motors, Ford Motors, Chrysler Motors, Mercedes Benz, Hummer and many others. McCarthy and the 3rd Bird Media Group specialize in digital sign solutions, broadcast programming, streaming media, and corporate communications, training and marketing and DVD authoring.

Media Contact: Jay McCarthy, 3rd Bird Media Group, Inc., (650) 948-2473 or e-mail protected from spam bots .

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