WMD, Insurgents, and the Future of Christianity in Iraq

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Dr. Terry Law, President and Founder of World Compassion Terry Law Ministries, met with George Sada, special advisor to the Prime Minister of Iraq, and key church leaders in northern Iraq to discuss the establishment of the first government-sanctioned Christian Church in Kurdistan, and spoke extensively on the American liberation of Iraq.

Dr. Terry Law, President and Founder of World Compassion Terry Law Ministries, and the World Compassion team have returned from a visit with George Sada, special advisor to Prime Minister of Iraq Iyad Allawi, and key church leaders in northern Iraq to help plan the establishment and building of the first and only officially recognized Christian church in the Kurdistan province.

“Iraq has a Christian history that goes back to 79 AD,” said George Sada. “....Muslims didn’t come in until 600 AD or later. Iraq historically is not a Muslim nation, but is a Christian nation.”

George Sada is particularly in charge of the government affairs of Christians in Iraq, and serves as spokesperson for the prime minister. He is an appointed official, therefore whatever happens in the upcoming election, he will continue to be an advisor to the prime minister.

During this trip Dr. Terry Law had an extensive interview with George Sada. Sada provided great insight into the views of the Iraqi people on the liberation. “In my mind, 85% of Iraqi’s are supportive of the American liberation of Iraq,” said Sada. “The insurgency in Iraq is made up of Baathists and foreigners from Syria, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, (and other countries). It’s made up of the most radical Muslims in the world, called the “Wahabi” sect of Islam. They’re the ones fighting tooth and nail to delay the inevitable, which is the creation of a government majority ruled by the Shias (who make up the majority of Iraq’s population). I want to tell all Americans clearly that the decision President Bush made to attack Iraq was absolutely the right decision.”

The interview also covered the question of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. George Sada believes there were weapons of mass destruction, including chemical weapons that Saddam Hussein used against Iran and his own people, and that many of those weapons were destroyed by the United Nations. Sada also believes that some of those weapons were hidden or transferred to another country.

“Despite the problems in Baghdad, the evangelical church is alive and well throughout the country,” said Sada. World Compassion will be partnering with Sada and the church leaders of Iraq to build the first officially recognized Christian church in Kurdistan’s history.

World Compassion’s web site at http://www.WorldCompassion.tv details all the trips to Iraq over the past year through an online photo gallery, a video gallery, and most notably, the audio testimony recorded live from Baghdad during the day of the capture of Saddam Hussein. World Compassion’s website offers visitors a free DVD of Iraqi video footage showing the Iraqi people receiving a variety of necessities, including food, medicine, educational supplies, and Christian literature.

About World Compassion

World Compassion is a non-denominational, faith-based international organization. It was founded by Dr. Terry Law in 1969 to assist churches in meeting the physical and spiritual needs of people in their communities. Dr. Law feels strongly that the calling of the organization is to areas of the earth where most men fear going due to political, religious and/or economic instability.

For the past 30 years World Compassion has worked specifically in nations that are difficult to access with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Positive results have been achieved through the distribution of Christian literature, food, clothing, medical supplies, and school supplies and through psycho social counseling among vulnerable populations devastated by years of war and/or oppressive regimes.

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