Create Your Own Garage Storage Design with Storage Systems Solutions From Slide-Lok Garage Storage Cabinets. Get Organized Today in Texas, New York, and All Across the United States and Canada.

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Create your own garage storage design with storage systems solutions from Slide-Lok Garage Storage Cabinets. Get organized today in Texas, New York. All across the United States and Canada people are cleaning up and organizing their garages. The fastest growing garage storage dealer network in the United States and Canada has garage organizers, garage cabinets, storage cabinets, drawers, workbenches and ceiling and wall storage as well as pantry cabinets.

The Slide-Lok Garage Storage Cabinet Dealer Network, continues to expand in New York and Texas as well as across the U.S. and Canada. "This is a direct result of increased sales," says President, Gary Smith, "and, since we make house calls, expansion is necessary to insure the perfect storage system for your home regardless of the configuration of your garage."

Smith asks the question, "Where do you put all the stuff that accumulates in the garage?"

"We have designed so many garage storage solutions that we remember to ask the questions that custom garage cabinet makers forget to ask. This means the Slide-Lok Garage Storage Cabinet Systems that we design include all the things that the custom cabinets guys forget to include."

"And what do the custom cabinets guys forget?"

Clean Up Your Garage First - This means decide what you want to keep, and keep only what you use. That which you do not use is just taking up space.

Develope a Plan or Garage Guide - Think about your garage as another room in your home just like the kitchen, family room, or bedroom. Measure; create a floor plan with Jack’s Design Center, and recognize that the Slide-Lok modular system is a series of Modular Cabinets and Storage Cabinets that enable you to organize your garage, home or office. Regardless of the configuration the SLIDE-LOK System can be designed to fit any size, or shape. Designing online at Jack’s Design Center allows you to develop, save, and print several configurations for your garage, home, or office until you decide which one meets your unique and specific needs.

Be Logical - Place the items that you use most often, like batteries, light bulbs, and in-home tools closest to the door. Place the items that you use most often for the lawn and garden closest to the garage door for easy outside access. Slide the lawn mover under a shelf unit to keep it from using floor space; plan on hanging things like ladders, and garden equipment from a wall unit, and most importantly, place seasonal items like Christmas ornaments on the top shelves, or hang these items from the wall or ceiling. Invest in modular containers that stack like SLIDE-LOK, and keep these items clean and neat while conserving space. Make sure that saws and shears, and paint and pest control cannot be reached by children.

Easy to Use - The Slide-Lok System is modular, and consists of 8 basic modular cabinets that are can be mixed, matched, and stacked. This means that even when your storage space looks like a jig saw puzzle, you can develop a SLIDE-LOK Storage Solution that combines all the pieces of your puzzle into the perfect storage solution.

These are durable cabinets with a long lasting finish, plywood sides, face frames, and concealed European hinges. All this is crafted with the strongest joint in the world … the patented Slide-Lok Dovetail Joint. They slide together making them easy to assemble, and Slide-Lok Garage Storage Cabinets look like custom cabinets so they are often used in the non-common areas of business offices, – the garage, in the pantry as pantry cabinets, in the hobby or craft room as well as in home offices throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Due to increased demand, Slide-Lok Garage Storage Cabinets are seeking dealer applications in New York, Texas, the United States and Canada. So whether you need a personal storage system for your garage, home, or office -- or if you are interested in becoming a dealer, or you just need a garage system that fits your 2 feet by 20 feet triangular storage area … Slide-Lok is the Perfect Fit for Your Puzzle. -

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Dealers in Your Area Slide-Lok Authorized dealers are located throughout the U.S. and Canada. Choose a state or province to view distributors in your area

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or visit at, and click on “Products & Service Info Tab.” and then click on Garages in the center of the page and open the new SLIDE-LOK Garage Storage Cabinets "Showroom" advertisement.

To answer your storage systems questions today, you may even call us at 1-800-835-1759 for your storage solutions.

About Slide-Lok

Since 1977 Bass Cabinets (manufacturer of Slide-Lok) has been providing high quality, durable cabinets to the multi-family housing industry. Our cabinets have been installed in all types of living environments throughout the U.S. and several locations overseas. The unique dovetail design and structure of our cabinets is based on providing our customers with a trouble-free, long lasting product that has proven itself in the toughest of conditions. Slide-Lok, committed to quality and customer service.

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