Intracellular Glutathione

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The benefits provided by glutathione - Your immune system depends on your cells producing glutathione to aid in the prevention of all illnesses and diseases.

Every single cell has its own built-in defense system. It’s called glutathione. Each cell in the body makes glutathione. Glutathione protects the cell against free radical damage and DNA changes. As the level of glutathione goes down, the cell’s defense weakens. The cell can be “injured” by free radicals and even “mutate” and start multiplying out of control – that’s called a tumor or growth. Over a period of time, these mutated cells can turn to cancer.

The lower glutathione levels also affect the immune system. It no longer can do its job. When your glutathione levels are strong, your immune system will recognize “mutated” or “injured” cells and neutralize them. Every day, the immune system does this without you ever being aware of it.

Getting back to the mutated cells that are now cancer cells – cancer cells take every bit of nutrition that can be used to make glutathione; so they become stronger and stronger. That’s why you always hear your doctor telling you that cancer cells are hard to destroy because they are so strong.

Other normal cells start to suffer and weaken. When you introduce chemo or radiation, the cancer cells are stronger and the normal cells really take a beating. You are usually very sick; you look sick, and you have a very high risk of a future cancer from the ‘poison’ (chemo) you took to try to boost your immune system into helping kill the cancer cells.

Suppose you could find a product that would safely – without side effects – protect your normal cells, work with or without chemotherapy and/or radiation, and have zero interactions with any drug you might be taking? This product gives the precursors (building blocks) for every cell to make glutathione! Cancer cells gobble this up in the 1st days. Soon, they are too ‘full’ and, like normal cells, ‘shut down’ the manufacturing of glutathione.

The big difference between a cancer cell and a normal cell is cancer cells can never, ever turn the mechanism back on to make glutathione again! Normal cells can make glutathione today, but tomorrow say, “Nope, don’t need any today.” The next day they say, “Yes, I’ll make some today!”

As the cancer cell defense grows weaker, the normal cells become stronger and stronger right along with the immune system. This is why it is so important to take 3 or 4 packs a day in the beginning to start the ‘shut-down’ of the cancer cell’s defense. Glutathione then actually becomes the downfall for cancer cells.

Doctors will tell you that you cannot take immune system boosters like the antioxidants C, E, etc. They are CORRECT! Your cancer cells are already stronger than your normal cells. Adding more to their defense system will help protect them even more against chemo and radiation. Those antioxidants are not made inside the cells, but they are used by the cells. So, taking them in every day just reinforces the cancer cells.

Rememer: taking glutathione pills won’t build glutathione in the cell. The glutathione molecule is too big to get into a cell. Just the process of digestion destroys most of it. The cell must make its own glutathione. If you take the drug, NAC, to build glutathione – the doctors use it in hospitals to detoxify your liver after a poisoning – you would have to take doses high enough to make you vomit all day; and NAC is so short-lived, you’d have to have many intravenous doses throughout the day. It still would not allow the cells to make their own glutathione. (Intraveneous NAC has been used in all studies related to NAC applications, NOT the pills in health food stores.)

In closing, Immunocal is in the PDR on the drug side, not the vitamin/mineral/herb side. We have medical method-of-use patents, not ingredient patents. One is for the treatment and prevention of cancer. These medical patents are earned by the same scientific studies any drug has to go through to be OK’d for use against disease. Immunocal is in the pharmacist’s Red Book, to show there are no interactions with any drugs, and no adverse side effects. Immunocal is Medicare/Medicaid endorsed. Natural products never have this kind of science or endorsements. Immunocal has 23 published studies in prestigious medical journals. There are over 61,000 studies on the internet (Medline) that many countries and institutions are doing with glutathione.


Cell A is a normal cell. Cell B is low on glutathione. They both are being attacked every day by free radicals.

Slowly, as we age, glutathione levels start dropping. Now, the B cell is very low in glutathione and the immune system is weakened. The cell is penetrated by the free radicals and weakens further. This ‘injured’ cell B is not destroyed by the immune system. The DNA is changed and the cell has started to mutate. It starts multiplying and causing a ‘mass’ or ‘tumor’.

Now that B has grown, B can start ‘hogging’ all the nutrients it needs to make glutathione. It becomes stronger and stronger. As it builds its strength, it grows out of control and becomes cancerous. It is so strong, that, even if chemo is introduced, it can withstand the chemo-induced immune system response. However, the weakened normal cell (A) of the body is brutally abused by the ‘poison’ of chemo and radiation. Even if you managed somehow to recover from the first cancer, your immune system is so ‘beat-up’ after the chemo/radiation, that it still can’t do its job. The normal cell (A) is so susceptible to free radical damage that it takes about 1 to 4 years before it, too, fails and becomes a secondary cancer with even more strength than the primary.

When you increase glutathione levels in the body, the cancer cell stops making glutathione and becomes the weaker cell. The immune system has strengthened and now it can take mutated cells like A and destroy them. Every day, the immune system does this repeatedly. Glutathione, the master antioxidant, is needed for the immune system cells too; so your body is doubly protected from everyday free radical damage and DNA mutations.

Here are some sobering statistics from the University of Illinois School of Public Health:

·In the last 30 years, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma has increased nearly 100%.

·Brain cancer has increased 80-90%.

·Testicular cancer in men 28-35 years old has increased 300%.

·Childhood cancers have increased 40-50%.

But now we have real answers, not only for the “Why?” but also for Prevention.

Immunocal is all science and fact!


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