In the New Year, Coordinate your Busy Family Life Better with this New Product

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Running today's busy family requires a lot of juggling and communication. Entering data and keeping calendars up-to-date and synchronized is challenging. Mediabee is a thoughtful new solution to help families communicate better.

Mediabee is announcing the launch today on of their groundbreaking software product, the Mediabee Group Planner & Dashboard, Family Edition Version 1.0. Founded by the former chief architect of Fidelity's retirement planning website, Mediabee's product offers a sophisticated but pragmatic solution to help busy families communicate better and improve harmony.

In the Oct 15, 2003, edition of the Wall St Journal, Walt Mossberg wrote "With both parents often working and children's lives packed with activities, the problem of meshing everyone's schedules has become acute."

Whether you're a busy mother wishing to check on childrens' homework between meetings, a harried dad anxious to know whether your older parent has taken his medication, or a divorced parent trying to coordinate child-rearing responsibilities with your ex, now there is a solution that could make your life easier and less stressful.

Aimed at helping busy families and workgroups coordinate schedules easily using their PCs and cell phones, this software offers breakthrough usability and a simple, visually appealing, user interface that captures your imagination at first glance. A deeper look reveals a thoughtful and sophisticated solution to the real problems busy families face in scheduling and communications.

Mediabee claims to solve the so-called "entry problem" for home calendaring. Busy families want easy-to-use solutions that that motivate their youngsters and don't require constant feeding. A number of features are geared towards these requirements.

The planning tools mimic current tools people use - the wall calendar, sticky notes, and day planners - but are far more powerful. Using an intuitive shorthand that can be mastered in minutes, you can quickly enter information for multiple people without the complicated dialog boxes of most calendaring software such as Microsoft Outlook or personal digital assistants (PDAs).

A progress meter and audio reminders can help motivate youngsters to complete their chores and homework on time. The company claims their youngest user, six-year-old Emma, learnt how to use it all by herself.

The collaborative listmaking feature allows you to help and be helped by your friends, family, and community in keeping all your schedules up-to-date. It holds great promise for civic groups, parent-teacher associations, etc., as well as families that just want to band together, to make life easier for everyone. For example, you can join with neighbors who have children in the same class as yours and divvy up the responsibility to put in homework schedules or band practice that you can then easily share with each other or the entire community.

The collaborative calendaring feature could help you reduce the email clutter that happens when a group is trying to schedule an activity.

With Mediabee, you can get reminders on your cell phone, and access from anywhere with the browser. A sticky note inteface lets you instantly zap a curfew reminder text message to your teenager or a grocery list to your spouse's cell phone.

Then there are the usual features you'd expect from software like this. A built-in address book provides quick access, including one-click directions. A birthday planner reminds you of birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Some bonus features seal Mediabee's utility as the preferred calendar for the digital home:

  • Rich weather information is piped to your desktop continually
  • The included photo player will surprise and delight you by playing photos randomly from your collection as you use the software
  • Kick back and improve yourself using the web player to "play" the web for useful or entertaining information

If you have a PC or laptop in the kitchen or you have been thinking about it, Mediabee would be perfect to run on it. But even if you don't, if you use a PC at home to check email regularly, you'll find Mediabee a great accessory - especially at the price: the beta version

is free. Just make sure you have Windows XP or Windows 2000. The company is apparently working on, but has not announced availability of, Mac and Linux versions.

This is the kind of software you've probably dreamed of - made for this, the decade of Digital Living. Give it a whirl today and you just might make your life more coordinated and less stressful.

You can learn more by visiting You'll find a multimedia overview of the application and you can see a picture of Mediabee's youngest user, Emma, who, at six years old, figured out how to use the software all by herself, much to the delight and surprise of her parents. You can download the software there or at

For additional information, contact Saro Saravanan at 508-341-2042.

About Mediabee

Mediabee was founded in 2002 by Saro Saravanan, the chief architect who launched Fidelity NetBenefits while he was at Fidelity Investments. A software industry veteran and serial entrepreneur, Saro's unique focus on user experience helped him produce award-winning world-class products used by over 10 million users today.

A late 2003 study conducted by Cogent Research for Mediabee shows that 87% of households with PCs and PDAs still use wall calendars and day planners for coordinating their daily activities.

Mediabee's mission is to bring to life the 21st century Wall Planner — an alternative solution that consumers would love to adopt — on PCs, cell phones, Internet TVs, plasma displays, security panels, set-top boxes, media centers, home gateways — whatever devices customers choose. To that end, we have created a platform-independent system with a flexible architecture. Mediabee's passion to bring this product to market is driven by research, real-life user feedback, and rapid innovation.

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Saro Saravanan


707-222-0363 (fax)

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