HSPC Tech Station Fast-access Computer Workbench gets "Geek Tested and Approved"

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HighSpeed PC's Tech Station featured in Jan. '05 issue of MaximumPC Magazine gets the "Geek Tested and Approved" award.

HighSpeed PC, LLC’s (http://www.highspeedpc.com) Tech Stations (patent pending) used in MaximumPC magazine's labs are easy-access, open computer workbenches for operating, building, or upgrading a complete computer system while keeping it safe in a non-electrically conductive frame.

"We've been waiting for someone to build a tech bench that could improve upon the "tech station" concept we've embraced in our Lab. That time has finally come with HighSpeed PC's new Tech Station..." MaximumPC magazine, January 2005 issue page 75.

The HSPC Tech Station is a unique computer case with an open design essential for hands-on installation and proper configuration of hardware. It provides a full 8x13” (larger sizes available) of surface area on two bench surfaces, fitting all types of PC hardware. The upper shelf is for stacking the CD-ROM drives and power supply while the PC’s motherboard rests on an anti-static mat on the lower shelf.

The bench has a horizontal AGP/PCI support brace that solves the problem of loose motherboard add-in cards (such as video, network and sound cards) coming lose and damage circuitry. It locks them securely in place with thumbscrews and offers universal support for all add-in cards blocking no cables or connections.

The Hard Drive Storage/Cooling Rail System keeps two standard 3.5" hard drives protected and cooled via smooth non-conductive acrylic rails suspended under the top shelf. One end of the rail opens to catch air from a 120mm cooling fan blowing through the bench.

Powering the computer system On/Off and monitoring HDD activity is done with the ATX Control Kit. Plugging directly onto the motherboard, the ATX Control Kit takes the place of the computer case power and reset switches, power and hard disk drive activity lights, and system warning speaker so that PC hardware can operate totally independent of a standard computer case.

Before the Tech Station computer builders and hobbyists would have to leave components installed in the traditional computer case, which is an awkward and cramped environment for accessing hardware, or just leaving parts dangerously scattered around an open work area exposing components to impact, shorting and electrostatic discharge. And how is the motherboard switched on/off without a PC case? The Tech Station and Control switches solve all these problems.

About HighSpeed PC:

HighSpeed PC, LLC was founded in August 1999 and has been offering computer hobbyist a wide variety of upgrades, cooling, overclocking and case modification products, most recently specializing in PC water cooling equipment and the HSPC Tech Station PC test bench. Visit the website for more details on this product: http://www.highspeedpc.com


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