Real Estate Investing - America’s “Best Business Opportunity”

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Real estate investing is the Â?best business opportunity,Â? says author, keynote speaker and seminar director, Dr. Phil Speer.

“Business opportunity” is one of the most-searched keywords on the Internet. Entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms and others who need extra earnings continuously search for business opportunities to generate income. In response to this overwhelming demand for business opportunity are schemes and strategies that usually cost money rather than make money. Some of these business opportunity gimmicks are bottomless financial pits for devouring innocent explorers.

But the search for a sound business opportunity is not doomed to disappointment. Real estate investing has always been a sound business opportunity venue for income generation. Real estate investing, historically, is the most profitable profession in America. Most of the wealthiest investors in U.S. history have made their fortunes by discovering business opportunities in real estate.

Real estate investing takes many forms, such as commercial development, residential subdivision construction, and raw land improvement. But nothing is more universal than the availability of housing in need of repair. Neglected and distress properties have lost their prime value, so the business opportunity is to invest minimally in repair in exchange for significant profit potential. Since devalued property is readily available everywhere at discount, closing the value gap with improvement creates the high margin for profit as a business opportunity.

Proving the theory of profitability in real estate investing is an easy argument and undeniable case. Turning a “junker” into a “dream house” is not only financially rewarding as a business opportunity, but is also exciting and fulfilling.

The skills and techniques for profitable real estate investing are easily accessible. Even buying neglected and distress property with no cash or credit is possible. I began investing at a point in my life when I had neither cash nor credit. Yet, I purchased $1 million in cheap houses in need of repair within my first year, and all of these purchases were made with a $10 bill. I bought another $1 million in cheap houses the second year, and I owned $10 million in cheap houses by the fourth year. The skill of leveraging a $10 bill to purchase neglected and distress property can be learned. The phenomenon made me a multi-millionaire in only three years.

Real estate investing is not the only available “business opportunity,” but I am convinced that the average person exploring for ways to make extra income will discover that real estate investing is one of the easiest, simplest, and most profitable choice of any “business opportunity.” Real estate investing is a sound “business opportunity.”


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