Global Fraud Solutions Releases CasePlanner™ - Identity Theft Software

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Global Fraud Solutions, an international leader in identity theft solutions, today released CasePlannerÂ?, an identity theft prevention and fraud resolution software package designed for consumers and victims of identity theft.

– Global Fraud Solutions, an international leader in identity theft solutions, today released CasePlanner™, an identity theft prevention and fraud resolution software package designed for consumers and victims of identity theft. CasePlanner provides three powerful tools in the fight against identity theft: A comprehensive awareness and prevention guide to help consumers avoid being victimized; an encrypted personal account registry where consumers can store their personal information, enabling a more rapid response in the event these accounts are ever compromised; and a resolution toolkit that walks consumers step-by-step through the process of resolving their case if they are ever victimized.

“There has been a lot of information published recently about identity theft, and we have made some progress educating people on how to better protect themselves from being victimized. Unfortunately not much has been reported about the tools that can actually help you once you have been victimized.” said Todd Eldredge, Senior Vice President of Global Fraud Solutions, the company that manufactures CasePlanner. “Although there are many websites which can help consumers understand the process of documenting and reporting their case – it is still the victim’s responsibility to discover how that information should be reported, to document their case for each organization they are working with, and then follow up with each of those organizations until the case has been closed.” Eldredge continued.

Jeff Stewart, a Salt Lake City resident, and a victim of identity theft said: “this can be an extremely time consuming effort requiring tremendous organizational skills. Many people lack the organizational and follow-up skills needed to get resolution. CasePlanner facilitates this effort by providing the victims with clear direction as to what to do next.”

The FTC reports that it takes the average victim over 600 hours to resolve their issue. CasePlanner significantly reduces the amount of time victims spend resolving their identity theft case by helping them to document, organize, and report their information in a way that law enforcement, banks, and other agencies can use to take immediate action. The software generates the letters and forms, such as the FTC affidavit, and letters to financial institutions and other agencies which are compliant with the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACT). “CasePlanner significantly reduces the learning curve so consumers can focus on getting resolution. It’s all about giving peace of mind to those involved with the case,” said Michael Barnett, founder of Global Fraud Solutions, a former police officer, and a victim of identity theft himself.

Prior to CasePlanner™, victims and investigators used paper-based systems to resolve disputes and coordinate information. Very often this required victims to discover the specific form or format the information was needed in. This was done via the internet or a direct conversation with the organization or agency they were working with. After that, victims needed to document the specifics of their case in the specific format, using the required forms. By the time the appropriate information got reported to the appropriate person or organization, the thieves were long gone, and the individual’s credit was ruined. Businesses and financial institutions were left with a whopping bill, $47 billion according to a September 2003 study by the Federal Trade Commission. The same study estimated that over 10 million people were victimized in a single year. The number of victims has grown exponentially in recent years. CasePlanner enables victims to document their case just once. The software generates letters, and the FTC affidavit in the required formats using a software wizard and one step printing functions.

Barnett concluded by saying: “Identity Theft is a serious threat to everyone. People shouldn’t wait to become victimized before taking proactive steps to preserve their good name. CasePlanner provides consumers with the information they need to reduce their chances of being victimized in the first place, but it also gives people the tools to take immediate action if they ever are.” CasePlanner is available at the CasePlanner website or by calling their sales office 888-724-7487 x705.

Global Fraud Solutions is a leading manufacturer of Identity Theft solutions for consumers, law enforcement, financial institutions, and call resolution or victim advocacy groups. Unique in its ability to communicate information securely between consumers, law enforcement, financial institutions, and government agencies, while addressing the most complex issues surrounding the investigation of fraud, Global Fraud Solutions provides a global answer to the identity theft problem. Established in 1999 to create solutions that would help institutions and individuals save time, energy, and reduce the risks associated with fraud – Global Fraud Solutions can be reached at 888-724-7484 x705 or at their website:

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