Artificial General Intelligence Research Institute (AGIRI) Announces R&D Fundraising Drive

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The non-profit Institute AGIRI is raising funds for Artificial Intelligence research. The research program will create a simulated world in which the Novamente AI System can learn and develop. Some portions of the research will be released as Open Source Software.

AGIRI is pleased to launch a new drive to raise $80,000 dedicated to pure AGI research with a specific goal: to complete the next major software development milestone of the Novamente AI System by the end of 2005. The funded research program, code-named AGI-SIM, will develop a Novamente system specialized to control an embodied agent, interacting linguistically and "physically" with other agents and objects in a simulated world.

About AGIRI, Inc.

The Artificial General Intelligence Research Institute is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. AGIRI's mission is to foster the creation of powerful and ethically positive Artificial General Intelligence.

About Research & Contributions at AGIRI

For detailed technical information about the AGI-SIM research program, see

For more information on how AGIRI operates and how donations are handled, see the contributions page at

About AGI

The field of scientific and philosophical investigation and software engineering termed 'Artificial General Intelligence' is an interdisciplinary, whole-systems-focused alternative to the traditional and fragmented fields found under the umbrella of 'Artificial Intelligence'.

The goal of AGI research is the creation of broad human-like and transhuman intelligence, rather than narrowly "smart" systems that can operate only as tools for human operators in well-defined domains.

About Novamente

The Novamente AGI System is designed to be a pure learning machine, with the capability to learn how to perceive, cognize, act and interact based on experience -- and ultimately to learn to modify itself beyond its creators' wildest dreams. Novamente's design philosophy stresses cognitive sophistication and conceptual correctness over immediate behavioral and programmatical benefit.

Novamente's design is based on sophisticated cognitive models and is near concept-complete. Novamente is not a simulation of the human brain or mind, but it does take into account the primary aspects of mental structure and dynamics as understood by modern neuroscience and cognitive science. Novamente deviates from its inspiration in human cognition by taking advantage of the strengths of its digital-computer implementation, in ways that allow it to compensate for the lack of the massive parallelism present in the human brain. The primary technical goal of the Novamente design is to enable sophisticated dynamical interactions between elementary learning and memory components, thus empowering the emergence of complex higher-level patterns of thought within a relatively simple substrate.

Novamente is software implementing a virtual machine with an architecture very different from contemporary Von Neumann implementations, while at the same time more closely following Von Neumann's original concepts involving self-modification. Novamente's current implementation is approximately 60% complete. Future versions of Novamente will replace present human-coded components (mostly C++) with Novamente byte codes which are themselves digital versions of abstract Novamente "schemata" (procedures learned, adapted and reasoned on by Novamente).

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