Exiled U.S. Whistleblower Will Fight to Stay In New Zealand

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A former Colorado businessman has launched a final bid to stay in New Zealand and gain residency to avoid what he believes will be further political retribution in the United States.

A former Colorado businessman has launched a final bid to stay in New Zealand and gain residency to avoid what he believes will be further political retribution in the United States.

Harmon Wilfred is a whistleblower who investigated and exposed the embezzlement of billions of dollars by a US federal agency known as the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) in 1992. He then "followed the money" and in 1995 exposed further embezzlement of millions from the same RTC funds being laundered through a Colorado Pension Fund. His investigation resulted in the conviction and imprisonment of the fund manager for 18 years, and the firing and fining of the county treasurer. Wilfred forced the local authorities to investigate the matter only after alerting the FBI to 18 months of inaction by the county district attorney.

In 1996-1997 while working as a financial contractor for the US Central Intelligence Agency, Wilfred uncovered an international embezzlement scheme for billions of dollars involving agents of the CIA and former President Bill Clinton. Wilfred alerted the US Justice Department and provided full documentation, but his complaint was ignored.

Since then he has been pursued by local and federal officials, including:

  •     In February 1998 Wilfred was picked up while on business in Canada on child custody charges laid by the same Colorado officials he had named in the pension fund embezzlement scam.
  •     When he attempted to return to Colorado to rectify the situation, federal officials whom Wilfred believes were connected to the RTC scandal and the CIA/Clinton embezzlement had him arrested on additional Family Court issues (same Colorado court).
  •     In the end, the federal warrant violated the International Hague Commission Treaty between Canada and the US. A federal judge quickly dismissed the charges and sealed the file to avoid a diplomatic incident.
  •     Wilfred has been incarcerated for 120 days in an underground maximum security prison in Canada, spent three weeks in a US Federal prison, and has also been held in the Denver City jail without bail and without charges. In the process he lost all of his parental rights to any contact whatsoever with his three children.
  •     In November of 1999, he was warned by President Clinton's attorney, "If you take your evidence to the US Justice Department you will never see your children again."
  •     In early 2000, with all other options exhausted, Wilfred did take his evidence to the US Justice Department. As a direct result, by early 2001 while residing in Canada with his Canadian wife, he was forced out of North America into exile by the constant harassment of the US authorities.
  •     Wilfred has been living in Christchurch, New Zealand since 2001 where he is a founder and director of a global technology company.
  •     In August of 2004, upon submitting his US passport for renewal to the American Embassy in Auckland, he was told that his passport had been flagged and would not be returned until he pays more than US $1.2million in back child support for his three children who he has had no contact with, by court order, since February 1998. This order comes having already paid US $171,500 since April of 2002.
  •     He cannot return to North America without fear of further political retribution, and now without a passport, he lodged an appeal with the New Zealand Removal Review Authority on December 10, 2004 to avoid deportation and obtain residency.
  •     To this day Harmon Wilfred has not been convicted of any offence and he has no criminal record. He has also been recently advised by the US State Department through his legal counsel that the US Government will not seek his extradition.

On December 6 2004, Wilfred filed a complaint in an international Internet-based justice venue under the name, "World Wide Web Court of Public Justice." By court requirement, he has provided all of his documented and chronicled evidence to the court and the general public by posting all on a factual based web site.

"You could say this is my final blow of the whistle ... or more like a trumpet. This new Internet venue is an interactive "virtual courtroom" and is based upon the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and Article 19 in particular."

He has also created a personal website to present himself to New Zealand and the world at large.

Personal Web Site: http://www.harmonwilfred.com
Factual Based Website: http://www.luminadiem.com
Court Web Site:    http://www.courtofpublicjustice.com

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