Employee Benefit Program is the “Missing Piece of the Puzzle” for Employers and Employees to Succeed in the “New World Economy”

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Mr. Gregory Bundschoks detail the reasons for the changing business paradigm arising from the Â?Missing Piece of the PuzzleÂ? to financial wellness, empowerment, success and freedom in the New World Economy. Mr. Bundschoks gives the highest recommendation to a new and much needed employee benefit program which will significantly impact the lives of both employers and employees in 2005.

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A new employee benefit program is offered by the Financial Freedom Advisor. This employee benefit program will help to better the lives of both the employee and the employer.

“We simply need to look at the facts and statistics pertaining to: exploding debt levels, increasing illness, health care and health benefit costs, social security, increasing social program costs, and the dramatic increasing cost of living (to name a few amongst many) to realize something is seriously missing” said Mr. Gregory Bundschoks, 15 year Business and Financial Consultant and Financial Freedom Advisor.

Statistics show that the “Old World thinking and actions” are not working. Over 66% of employees are dealing with personal, financial, time, and health stresses at the workplace. Over 50% of adults have not started saving for retirement, 52% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and most people carry a higher credit card balance than their 401K, etc.

For a business owner this leads to serious employee inefficiency and loss of revenues. It results in more sick days, more time off work, lost productivity, improper skill development, restricted career advancement, lower incomes, debt reliance, anxiety, depression, and a host of other problems. All which eventually become the employer’s problems.

Businesses, especially smaller businesses, are losing significant amounts of money. This is compounded by the difficulties of finding and keeping good employees due to the growing stresses and concerns arising from poor time and financial management, increasing health care, debt, and the dramatic increases in living costs. Mr. Bundschoks believes that the new employee benefit program offered by the Financial Freedom Society will help solve these problems.

This “Missing Piece” has serious implications, which is why Mr. Bundschoks recommends and personally believes the Financial Freedom Society and its’ employee benefit program as one of the most significant employee benefit programs on the market. It offers a true solution to the core problem and the “Missing Piece of the Puzzle”.

Dr. Tom Garman, professor emeritus at Virginia Tech University, tells employers "to give their employees access to quality financial information, education, and advice because it increases profitability. Employers can expect $450 in positive job outcomes from each employee who slightly increases his or her financial behaviors and financial well-being.”

Mr. Bundschoks also goes on to say; “When this course of action comes at limited risk, complete control by the employer, solves the ‘missing piece of the financial puzzle’ for the mass majority of employers and employees, offers an unparalleled financial value, is endorsed by experts, created by an expert, offers the core knowledge, resources, tools, fundamentals and principles able to implement the necessary financial thinking, feeling, acting, beliefs, behaviors and habits…it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to discover the employee benefit program is something truly special and unique! This is a true win-win situation worthy of very serious consideration by any U.S Business Owner with 5 employees or more!”

The significance, value, and power of the employee benefit program offered by Mr. Bundschoks through the Financial Freedom Society is not only being discovered by many businesses, but the employee benefit program also appeals to experts like Mr. Matthew Hutcheson, one of the nation’s most trusted and respected Pension Experts. Mr. Hutcheson consults with sponsors of 401(k), pension and other types of retirement plans, and also serves as Trustee or co-trustee for many plans throughout the nation.

Using his expert experience and knowledge, Mr. Hutcheson researched the Financial Freedom Society and employee benefit program. The findings and case study confirm Mr. Bundschoks’ recommendation: this is a program of incredible value and tremendously effective to solve the core problems employers and employees face!

The employee benefit program offered through the Financial Freedom Society is a member of the Better Business Bureau and U.S Chamber of Commerce with a 5 year proven track record. It is an exceptionally well managed company operating out of Tampa, Florida.

Visit http://www.financial-freedom-advisor.com to find numerous resources including:

• Free Live Online Presentations for Business Owners, Benefit Co-ordinators, HR Departments, Office Managers and Corporate Executives detailing the Employee Benefit Program.

• Access to the “Expert Analysis” by Pension expert, Matthew Hutcheson.

• Breakdowns of Personal and Business Solutions.

• Free Live Online Question and Answer Sessions.

• Free Live Online Financial Presentations and sections detailing the “Missing Piece of the Puzzle”, “Succeeding in our New World Economy," and “Effective Debt Elimination.”

• A Free Forum to registered site members of synergy to help people find True Solutions to “Old World Thinking and Actions.”

• Free Newsletter: “Succeeding in the New World Economy.”

• Free Financial Freedom Advisor Book and Reader’s Club.

The mass marketing and “information overload” of today, is creating a “confusion of contradictions” adding to an “engrained and limiting belief system” supporting “Old World thinking and actions."

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You can contact Mr. Gregory Bundschoks via the website http://www.financial-freedom-advisor.com in the Contact Us link, or call Toll Free 1-877-335-1348.

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