The Truth About Fax Machine Costs: It is the Cost of the Ink, not the Machine that Makes the Difference

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It is the cost of the ink, not the fax machine that makes the difference.

This month I reveal the truth about Fax machine costs. If you look through the Sunday paper you will see ads that sell fax machines for about the cost of a case of paper. It looks like a good deal, right? Wrong!

This month I looked at 15 different fax machines and 8 different sellers of fax supplies. The differences in the high cost of operating some fax machines can more than make up any savings you gain on the purchase. In fact, my insiders tell me that some fax machine manufacturers sell their machines cheaply because they make their real profits on the supplies. The cost of supplies for some of the low end machines are as much as 500% higher than other machines in the same category.

500% is a big difference. This means that you may be able to save up to 500% or more if you investigate before you buy. Most business shoppers only look at the cost of the machine and not the cost of running the machine when making their purchase decisions. In most cases the lower cost machines are not the better choice.

The cost of the supplies required to print the incoming fax is where the overall cost calculation should begin. It would be wise to compare fax machines even by the same manufactures. Always look at the printing cost per page when looking at fax machines. The secret I discovered is to purchase a fax machine that makes film sizes that are available from a discounter. I called Paradise Distributing Incorporated (800-324-4454) for details about this. Keep in mind that most, but not all fax films can be purchased from manufacturers other than the manufacturer of the fax machine. Always check with a discounter like Paradise before you buy your fax machine.

Let’s look at the following example. You went out and purchased a Sharp UX-B700X or UX-A1000 fax machine. This fax machine model requires the use of the manufacturing reorder number UX-C70B cartridge. The cost of this cartridge is $34.95 on the low cost end per cartridge. This cartridge has been advertised as producing 500 in-coming faxes (Of course that is light to medium coverage and not heavy print area coverage). The cost per incoming sheet would be right under seven (7) cents each.

Now let’s look at another model by the same manufacturer. The Sharp fax machine model UX-500 or UX-1400 model. The reorder number for either of those models is UX-15CR.The yield per fax film roll is also 500 incoming faxes that will be received per unit. When the purchase of the film from a company that sells discounted fax film, the cost is $14.95 per roll unit (when you purchase at least 12 rolls) the cost per incoming fax is below .03 each. Calculate that cost and see the savings during the ownership of a fax machine. You can pay for the machine several times over with the savings.

The Truth About Fax Machines – check the cost per page before you buy the machine and check with a discounter. Paradise Distributing Incorporated will answer any questions – tell them you saw the article about the Truth Behind Fax Machines – about fax machines and fax film as a service to my readers. Paradise has been providing office and industrial supplies for 17 years. They also provide Business forms, roll paper, labels, copier supplies, inkjet, laser supplies and more. Remember these same rules apply to copy machines, printers and any other office machine. You can call Paradise @570-629-3314 or toll free at 1-800-324-4454 or visit them on the web – before you buy your next machine.

By Sheila Danzig


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