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Â?Rainbow Song,Â? is inevitably one of the best alternative lifestyle romance novels in years, combining every emotion known. The result is an explosive and passionate gay love-story, filled with illicit romance, sex and adult angstÂ?a combination that is perpetually popular with gay readers and anyone who likes to sit down with an irresistible love story.

Anthony ‘Chuck’ Brown is a young gay man, growing into adulthood and searching for the perfect love—a partner he can spend the rest of his life with. Hesitant and fearful about being hurt, spawned by all the tragic love affairs he’d heard about, he knew finding true love in the gay lifestyle was probably impossible. Nevertheless, somewhere deep down inside him, he still had hope. Hope because he knew he wasn’t an ugly guy by no means and believed that someday, he would be blessed with a special someone who would love him just as much or more than he could ever imagine. He believed that somewhere out there, there was someone for everyone…even him. Chuck soon finds the love of his life, but not before his world comes crashing down around him in a heart wrenching ending that will keep you wanting more.

About The Author

Mario Watts. He says he’s a dreamer. A writer who has the ability to bring to life, his ideas and his diversified perspective of life. It is this that gives Mario Watts ideas for his memorable characters and captivating novels.

Watts has always considered himself to be an observer of distinct personality traits. As a child, he kept a notebook beside his bed which he called his dream journal. Inside, he recorded his dreams, which he later turned into short stories and books.

Throughout his years in school, Watts did well in English classes, but his dream was to become an Astronomer or a Geneticist. He found himself intrigued with the diverse universe around him and all its unlimited possibilities. With his heart set for a prospective future, Watts found himself more and more fascinated with the outside world and things that were unknown to him and the rest of humanity. He wanted to express his ideas to the world and soon realized that through his writing, he had the power to do so, embracing his readers by the stories he created. Writing soon became a true passion, as Watts discovered how fun it was to create his own comic strips and short stories. “I’ll never forget the comic strips I used to write and the characters I came up with. I’d create characters and a story line, drawing cartoons on several pieces of notebook paper, which I would take to school for my friends and classmates to read and enjoy. Everyone couldn’t wait to see my next comic. I never thought that writing would eventually be a large part of my life. I just liked to see people’s reactions to my work! Writing has always been a part of me. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a hobby, it is a passion that I will always continue doing! Through writing, I can take people to places they’ve never been into the mind of a dreamer,” recalled Watts. He finds it amazing how just through writing he can stir emotions and unlock the imagination locked away in his reader’s minds.

With this pastime under his belt, he feels that not only has writing armed him in his professional life, but his understanding of people and the aspects of all the diverse personality traits they possess. Watts understands the power of words and spends every free moment, creating new works.

With over one hundred synopses in queue for future books, we haven’t seen the last of this imaginary dreamer, who is sure to rock the world through his writings.

Fiction / Gay Romance

Trade Paperback

Publication Date: Mar-2004

Price: $26.12

Size: 6 x 9

Author: Mario Watts

ISBN: 1-4116-1685-5

449 Pages

Demand Printing

Available from Ingram Book Group, and Lulu, Inc.

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