British White Cattle Adopts Fullblood Breed Up Program

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Guthrie, Oklahoma, September 18, 2004. British White Cattle Association adopts new Fullblood Breedup Program.

The adoption of the new “Fullblood Breedup Program” at the 2004 annual meeting was a definite milestone for the British White Cattle Association of America. For years we have been breeding to fullblood by using imported English animals or semen, but in September 2004 it was decided that we, here in America, have the genetics and cattle savvy to produce high quality British White Fullbloods on our own.

The association has set up a system for determining purity by simply counting the number of purebred generations behind an animal. For example, a purebred bull and a 3/4 blood cow will produce a 7/8 calf. The calf is considered purebred but it has 0 generations of purebred behind it because of the 3/4 mother. That 7/8 calf however, when mated to another purebred, will produce a 15/16 (93.75) animal with 1 generation of purebred behind it since both parents were pure.

It has been resolved, then, that any animal with five consecutive and complete generations of purebred behind it (255/256 pure) is considered an American Fullblood. This system is very exact in determining purity and also gives breedup value to every purebred animal, since offspring are always, simply, one step above their lowest parent.

Another great benefit is that anyone can participate in the breedup program and still retain their own bloodlines. Many British White breeders have struggled to create the type of animal that does well on their place and for their business. Now, even though that favorite animal out in the pasture is not an offspring of an English Fullblood, it can still be used to produce the "American Fullblood."

For additional information, contact: British White Cattle Registration Office, PO Box 281, Bells, TX 75414. Telephone 800-826-4038.

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