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Dr. Michael E. Salla - “Your book is very refreshing and demonstrates your own 'hero's journey' to developing your potentials and dealing with host of life challenges. At the end, you emphasize the innate capacity of the human spirit to deal with any problems and have the optimism that we can deal with the challenges ahead. You give yourself as an example of one who has made this hero's journey demonstrating that it can be done despite the set backs along the way… I believe that the human consciousness factor has been underestimated as a strategic factor in dealing with extraterrestrials… You definitely help open us all up to a new way of approaching these great challenges before us.”

From the Publisher: This eBook, in the Adobe Reader PDF format, is a comprehensive, practical and user-friendly New Paradigm Do-It-Yourself Action Manual for Developing Individual and Human Species Capacity for A Better Quality of Life and a Viable Global Vision; contributing to establishing a New Paradigm, in regards to thinking, behavior, choices and priorities for the individuals and the human species on this planet.

The reading, comprehension, attunement to and use of the essential information, resources, message and examples set forth in this book, is an opportunity for anyone to realize the meaning and purpose of their individual existence, which results in taking personal responsibility for making choices and taking actions that improve, balance, harmonize and incorporate into 24/7 conscious awareness the overall quality of the three aspects—literal, symbolic and mystical—of every individual’s human existence.

We remind ourselves, as often as necessary, of the importance of continuing to do the best that we can, with some words attributed to Mahatma Gandhi ''Your little acts may seem insignificant but, It's absolutely crucial that YOU Do It.'' And, as such, we understand that if any of us do not do our ‘little’ individual part, our part will not get done - in this lifetime.

Chapters (excerpt) 325 pages, including Section II “Disconnecting/Reconnecting” with original art works, by Sharon K. Novak, MFA

Section I

1. Introduction 9

  • First Person Science 9
  • What Do YOU Believe, and Why? 12
  • Dreamwork #1 25

2. The Stuff of Stars: Establishing True Identity 37

  • Does it matter? 37
  • Clarifying individual identity 38
  • The Component Parts of the Human 40
  • Deprogramming 42
  • The purpose of life 42
  • The last frontier 43

3. Consciousness Processing 60

4. Who I Think I Am, and Why 87

5. The Journey of the Soul 102

6. Truth and Justice 107

  • “Honor Thy Father and Mother” 109

7. Political and Controlling Elite Power Fraud 123

Section III

8. Conclusion 297

  • Prelude to Forgiving 297
  • Forgiving 298
  • Don't Blame God, or Anyone Else 299

Glossary of Terms 315

Final Words 323

References 324

From The Author: I articulate the development of these ideas from a number of sources - inclusive of poetry, music, papers, articles, art works, chapters and excerpts of my writings from past months and years to the present day. Also woven into this content are numerous quotes, references, audio clips and links to other musicians, artists, scientists, poets, philosophers, shamans, journalist-writers, and so on, on a variety of topics, which I will bring together here, to fit the ‘pieces of the puzzle’ together, for a clear interdisciplinary view of the full mosaic of the intricate web of existence.

I approach this work from a number of angles, and allow the ideas to come together like molecules. I will include my answers to the question: "Who do you think you are?" I will include details on sexuality as the root of all of existence, from the birth of our universe out of ‘the void’ that began with "The Big Bang", to my knowledge of sexuality.

For context, I consider evolutionary movement over the years, through the Cultural Revolution in the United States, as well as historical perspective from other cultures, and time periods. I consider ancient historical information as well as recent conversations related to the year 2012. I look at the work of Dr. Jose Arguelles describing the Mayan Factor, the ending of the sacred Aztec calendar. We also look at the work of the Union of Concerned Scientists, who in 1992 published a "Warning to Humanity," related to continued desirable habitation of this planet. That document warned that a dramatic shift, in the predominant mode of thinking, behaving, acting, and relating to others, the environment and Mother Earth, which supports us, is necessary. I look at concepts of the Mother Goddess, the history of the contrived conflict between the matriarchal and the patriarchal systems and structures that brought about an imbalance of power, the importance, appreciation, and respect for the role of the female and motherhood in the scheme of, not only human, but indeed, all of existence.

The ideas are multifaceted, and the experience is one of activating human potential for learning and changing actions and behavior to improve present life and future conditions of existence. INNER-tainment

About the Author:

Rama Demetrius Dyushambee, DD

AKA: INspector Out Rageous, The Cosmic Detective – (Edward Douglas Harris, Jr incorrect name on Birth Certificate) – and various ‘nicknames’.

Artist Warrior: Musician, Writer, and Cosmic Detective - God-dess Warrior.

Founded the not for money profit Soul, Spirit and Consciousness priority YOUtopia INstitute in 1978 with a charter from, and honorary Doctor of Divinity certificate, issued from The Universal Life Church. Degree awarded for and based on knowledge accessed from The Source, and acquired and confirmed from studies, investigation, grassroots-street, home and Earth life-schooling experiences.

YOUtopia INstitute

Rama Demetrius Dyushambee, DD


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Rama Demetrius Dyushambee, DD
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