Blame Them for Blue Voters Wearing 'Don't Blame Us' Protest Wrist Bands

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A new web site ( ) offers exciting commentary on Blue Voter Politics and supports the Blue Voter way of life. The site will also sell Blue Elastic Wrist Bands embossed with Other products will soon come online such as tee shirts, hats and bumper stickers, all priced at $20 or less. A portion of profits will be given to U.S. Soldiers wounded in Iraq and families of soldiers killed in Iraq.

Blue States, Inc. announces the birth of a seminal web site, The web site, devoted to promoting 'Blue Voter' values went 'live' last Thursday. Three natives of the Concord, MA area, exasperated by Republican positions marginalizing Blue Voter values and beliefs launched the site to reaffirm Blue Voter principles, to help heal the damage inflicted on the Blue State of mind and to help drive movement towards constructive political change. The site offers a community for Blue Voters, and an opportunity to proudly display Blue Voter identity.” The site offers for sale Blue Elastic Wrist Bands for $2.50 each and will soon offer other merchandise such as bumper stickers, hats, and tee shirts. The site’s owners will offer 15 percent of its profits to soldiers injured in Iraq, and families of those killed in Iraq."

"Republicans characterized Blue Staters as being short on moral values, and we believe that is wrong," said one of the three co-creators of the site, Kirsten Thompson. "The only thing we are short on is our patience with the Bush team’s mismanagement of the war in Iraq. While the creation of a pro-Blue site may seem divisive to the Red State victors, we felt demoralized by the Bush victory, so we created a place for Blue voters to reconcile their anger and disagreement with Red policies. We liked the idea of the wrist bands, we did some research and we formed a team of local professionals to make a good presentation of our point of view. We started thinking that Blue Staters might identify with blue elastic wrist bands which say The message here -- don't blame us for the mess being made by W. Further than that, we don’t presume to dictate what the blue band might mean to its wearers.”

“ doesn't work when you use punctuation like the apostrophe in don’t, but we believe that Blue Voters are ideally equipped to handle this issue,” says another founder, video producer Paul Dewey. "As a former journalist, it is unnerving to pass on the apostrophe, but hey the internet world is teaching all of us new rules. Punctuation seems more of a Republican issue anyway. Maybe they’ll try to kick us off the internet for not using an apostrophe," quipped Dewey.

“Clever, engaging dialogue with some attitude is how we plan to address the evolving political situation on the site,” says Thompson. “We are not out to heap abuse on the Red way of life, but we do believe that Red thinking has really created a mess in our country. The election was clearly not a mandate and we’re choosing to exercise our freedom of speech albeit through a quiet protest. We aim to bring blue voters together to initiate healing and change. Any small moves we can make to turn the corner for Blue Voters by staging smarter more engaging dialogue and encouraging new leadership is a win in our book. We will also feel free to point out the latest daily Bush gaffes and misstatements.”

The site was designed by Concord resident, Harry Bartlett of Bartlett Design. “I believed in their message, and I got a kick out of their irreverent treatment of the subject matter,” Bartlett says. “We were all down after the election,” Bartlett chuckled, “this gave us a positive target on which I could focus between some of my better paying work.”

The plans to add fresh content regularly to the site and to add new products as well to the mix. “Watch for more interesting news on the site, and buy your blue bands before the inauguration, they not only look stylish but they help identify smart people in crowded rooms,” says Dewey.

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