Feng Shui Home & Office for Stress Management

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New program about FENG SHUI WISDOM offers holistic approach to reducing stress & employee wellness

Feng Shui Wisdom has announced a new program for those managing stress in their lives. “I noticed how elegant the feng shui principles were, and thought they were so perfect for creating an environment which could reduce stress, at home or work or at a spa resort, and such,” said Ms. Rodriguez from her office near the Deepak Chopra center in La Costa, California.

“Everyday, I look down upon the [Chopra] Center and contemplate the goal we facilitators have, to help people manage the stress in their lives,” she continued. With over 20 years experience studying the flow of “auspicious chi”, and more than 200 personal growth programs already developed, Ms. Foxworthy, founder of FENG SHUI WISDOM is as eager to talk about her new program as if it were her first.

“This FENG SHUI for STRESS MANAGEMENT program offers a comprehensive approach to corporate and individual clients, integrating body, mind, heart, and soul, in an environment that is conducive to effortless concentration or relaxation. This new program that I’ve developed helps people quickly assess where their stress is coming from, in order to adjust where necessary. It’s a bit like a checklist, but in an engaging and inviting way.”

This program is offered in a variety of formats: Coaching-by-Phone, either weekly or every two weeks for 30 to 60 minutes; Individual Consultations, which last for two hours and assess a person’s situation to create a more supportive environment, according to stated goals for that space; or workshops which can be scheduled for half-days, full-days, and weekend workshops.
“Whether you are at home or work, you need your environment to work for you, not against you,” Ms. Foxworthy suggests.

Having founded FENG SHUI ELEGANCE, INT'L. in 1996, Ms. Foxworthy had studied a variety of systems before proceeding with her vision of a consulting firm that helps designers create optimum environments where people could live and work in greater harmony: “Feng Shui is so vast an endeavor, with a special approach for site location, for example, and another for architectural design, another for landscape design, and others for interior design. It occurred to me that one unifying system could meld together the wisdom of each and serve a wider range of applications.”

Feng Shui as an "art of placement" began several millennia ago, and has flourished in many cultures, though the Chinese version, feng shui, has emerged as the most popular form in the United States. Experts vary on which school is most credible. “Instead of fighting amongst the various schools, I brought the wisdom in each together for a comprehensive approach to any design situation,” Ms. Foxworthy explains. “I began studying feng shui as a way to create more harmony in my home.”

The mission of FENG SHUI ELEGANCE, INT'L. is to offer a holistic approach to corporate and residential clients has proved successful. Ms. Foxworthy has been invited to work with companies such as Sun Microsystems for projects such as product design and server room design. She has worked with multi-million dollar estates, medical facilities, retail locations, events, and others, during her tenure as a consultant.

FENG SHUI for STRESS MANAGEMENT begins with a nicely lit room, a bouquet of flowers, aesthetic décor, and soft, back ground music. “Creating a place where people can unwind appropriately is a boon for anyone. Whether you are relaxing at home or concentrating at work, your environment is going to affect you. With a few minor adjustments, you can transform your edgy space into a realm of tranquility!

In addition, Ms. Foxworthy loves to make feng shui accessible to everyone and for the last several years has offered Feng Shui Meditation Walks to the public, as well as other feng shui workshops, like Feng Shui Your Heart, Feng Shui for Romance, and Quantum Living, all using the teachings of traditional and contemporary feng shui.

For more information, please contact Feng Shui Elegance, Int'l. offices at (415) 289-2213

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