FOREVERPET Launches Lowest Priced Cat Cloning for Pet Owners

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ForeverPet, a division of Geneticas Life Sciences, today announced the launch of the ForeverPet cat cloning service for cat owners. Priced at $19,950 this new cloning service is the most economically priced of all cat cloning services currently on the market, and adds cat cloning to ForeverPet’s other services, including DNA cell banking and horse cloning. ForeverPet, under the slogan “For More Than A Lifetime”, allows pet owners to cryopreserve a tiny biopsy that safely preserves their pet’s DNA for future use in the production of an identical clone.

With the advent of commercial equine and bovine cloning, more and more pet owners have expressed an interest in one day cloning their beloved companions. ForeverPet now provides both cat owners and current ForeverPet clients who have banked their cat’s DNA with the ability to purchase a clone of their animals. Priced at $19,950 for the first clone, with additional clones of the same donor animal priced at $4,995 each , ForeverPet’s pricing is close to a third of the competition's.

Simon Brodie, CEO of Geneticas Life Sciences stated, “As a company that provides commercial cell banking, we constantly receive calls from distressed pet owners whose animals are terminal or that just passed. One of the biggest deterrents to cryopreserving their pet’s DNA was cost, with other companies charging upwards of $800. ForeverPet reduced the price to less than $300, which resulted in many more pet owners taking advantage of our DNA preservation services. However, owners have often shown reluctance to cell bank their pet’s DNA without a firm timeframe for pet cloning, or concerns that the cost would be out of the reach of most pet owners. After a careful analysis, ForeverPet has started to offer cat cloning at a price that while still very high, will invariably allow us to develop news techniques and processes that aim to reduce the price to $2,000 per clone.” States Brodie: "The response from pet owners has been amazing. Of course, we make it clear that affordable pet cloning is down the line. But many are simply comforted knowing that for those that can afford the cost, producing a clone of their cat is now a reality.” As for those groups that are against animal cloning given the large number of dogs and cats in shelters, Brodie states, “Although we praise the good work performed by animal welfare groups. We do not see a solid argument. If a cat lover has chosen to spend $2,000 on a pedigree animal, he is simply not going to adopt an animal from a shelter. If anything, there are a number of serious arguments in pet cloning’s favor. Pet cloning could actually reduce the number of unwanted animals given that an owner might feel happier having their pet neutered if they knew he or she could be cloned. And only one clone would be produced instead of a whole litter. It also might be easier to predict the temperament of a puppy when it grows up. Owners would be less likely to discard their playful puppy when it turns into a destructive dog. Many are unaware that over four million pets are abandoned each year simply due to negative behavioral traits, something that is less likely in a clone”

Cloning a pet cat starts by taking some cells of the cat, a simple process performed by a ForeverPet approved veterinarian. The veterinarian takes a tiny skin sample from the animal, often with just local anesthesia, and sends it to our labs for use as the base of producing a clone, The estimated time from delivery of the cells to delivery of a clone is 6-9 months, depending on the company’s waiting list.

For additional information contact: Simon Brodie, CEO, Geneticas Life Sciences, 310 312 9522

About Geneticas Life Sciences.

GENETICAS was established to help those hoping to preserve genetic material for future use in cloning (when available) or procedures not yet developed. As a company working with the leading edge of research and the application of assisted reproductive technologies, including nuclear transfer, GENETICAS is keenly aware of what the very near future might hold for cloning and related human and animal health sciences. GENETICAS’s commercial cloning division provides cloning services to worldwide clients. The ALLERCA division is currently developing the world’s first patented allergen free cat, expected for 2007. A special project, the GENETICAS ARK, aims to prevent the extinction of the many species that are in danger of disappearing from our planet by storing their DNA, and to hopefully reproduce and reintroduce these animals into future protected habitats. Read more at


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