Biosignetics - State-of-the Art Heart Auscultation Diagnosis Tools are Highlighted on World Heart Day

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Biosignetics Corporation has developed and applied state-of-the art signal processing computational algorithms aiming to stimulate basic research and to teach physicians and medical students to perform “digital” heart auscultation diagnosis during the routine medical checkups. Patent pending Heart Energy Signature has a great potential to become de-facto standard to record, store, compare and track sound based heart diagnosis data.

Cardiac Examination – New Tools are Available for Basic Research and Medical Education

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) heart disease and stroke kill some 17 million people a year, which is almost one-third of all deaths globally. By 2020, heart disease and stroke will become the leading cause of both death and disability worldwide, with the number of fatalities projected to increase to over 20 million a year and by 2030 to over 24 million a year.

According to Dr Judith Mackay, co-author of the WHO Atlas of heart disease and stroke, said: “No matter what advances there are in high-technology medicine, the fundamental message is that any major reduction in deaths and disability from heart disease and stroke will come primarily from prevention, not just cure.” We believe that early cardiac physical examination (screening) will become a fundamental element of any prevention program.

The second release of Heart Energy Signature phonocardiograph software was launched on 23 September 2004, to coincide with World Heart Day, Sunday September 26, 2004.

Heart Energy Signature is expected to provide a powerful new tool to stimulate cardiac auscultation education and non-clinical basic research in Medical Colleges and Medical Teaching Hospitals around the world. It offers both qualitative and quantitative way of representing all heart sounds making auscultation findings easy to document, understand, share, classify and diagnose.

Heart Energy Signature’s main component is the joint time frequency domain two dimensional color display of heart signal energy.

Heart Energy Signature offers a comprehensive solution for the noninvasive screening of the heart conditions. It allows differentiating changes in heart beat energy simultaneously in time and in frequency. It makes possible to precisely “X-Ray” hidden sound morphology. Digital phonocardiograph can only represent heart sound content changes in time (phonocardiogram). Although extremely useful, such content can not be used for precise characterization of the heart condition or for the early heart diagnostics.

Biosignetics software tools based on the Heart Energy Signature provide an effective way to screen out heart sound imperfections early on. Our scientists have developed Atlas of Heart Sound Diseases with over 100 pages of phonocardiograms, heart energy signatures, spectrograms documenting human heart conditions (stenosis, regurgitation, splits, clicks, gallops, snaps, rumble, valve prolapse, murmurs, septal defect, patent ductus arteriosus, atrial septal defect). Resulting heart sound images are self-referencing and can be easily understood by the physicians, medical researchers and patients alike.

First edition of the Atlas will be made available on the Worlds Heart Day, September 26, 2004.

Biosignetics continues its advanced research to develop ultra-fast, accurate and comprehensive signal processing algorithms and software tools to process dynamic biosignatures. This will in turn enable early detection of heart imperfections in their early stages. Company research proposal was selected to be the semi-finalist at the US Advance Technology Program (ATP) managed by the National Institute of Standards. ATP Program funds high risk high payoff path-breaking research from all technology areas.

Biosignetics is welcoming the medical researchers and practitioners to jointly conduct clinical research on advancement of sound-based characterization of specific heart conditions and diseases, interventional procedures and medical treatments.

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Biosignetics has developed and commercialized patent pending Heart Energy Signature format and method. Company continues its research and regulatory efforts to obtain FDA clearance and CE mark for clinical diagnosis applications.

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