Unique Japanese Valentine's Gift Site Opens With Free Shipping Sale

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Unique Japanese website brings shoppers a whole new concept in romantic Valentine's gifts - traditional hanging scrolls with the recipient's name written in beautiful Japanese kanji calligraphy.

Japanese-Name-Translation.com's Stephen Munday was surprised at the lack of unique personalized gifts available online, "A quick search will bring up any number of websites offering tailored gifts, but the quality and degree of the personalization they offer is often quite minimal." Noting the interest in Japanese kanji characters in the U.S. and Europe, he set out to create a gift that would be both original and personal. "I am a romantic at heart, so I wanted to create the kind of gift that would bowl over my wife and I think that the concept we have come up with really does just that. You see, the beautiful thing about Japanese kanji is that they not only have a particular pronunciation, but they also each have an individual meaning. Through our research, we have created wonderfully affirming combinations of these characters that sound like different names. After all, I can't imagine there are many women who wouldn't get goose bumps if they saw their name written in kanji characters meaning 'Beautiful Jasmine' or 'Hope and Beauty'. And it is not just women who will love these personalized romantic gifts: Seeing his name translated into characters meaning 'Warrior Storm Man' or 'Rule with Courage, Reason and Ideas' will transform any man into a samurai warrior."

Creating each calligraphy scroll is a labor-intensive process. First of all, the sounds of the kanji must be as close as possible to the pronunciation of the original name. But, at the same time, their meaning is also of vital importance. "It is no good getting the sound right and then finding that the meaning is 'Wet Leaves' or something negative like that. Who would want to give that to their girlfriend? And then you have to consider whether the meaning should sound masculine or feminine. I have an MA in Japanese and I can't tell you how difficult this is to achieve, but the result really is well worth it," continues Munday. Master Japanese calligraphers then write the name onto special washi paper that is attached to the scroll by expert craftsmen and women. Munday continues, "Japanese calligraphy is absolutely wonderful. It is more like painting than writing as each character flows into the next with each expert stroke of the fude brush. Even the same kanji never turn out the same way twice. Add this to the fact that we offer many types of scrolls and customization options, and you can see why I think this truly is a unique kind of personalized gift."

These personalized Japanese calligraphy gifts start at a very reasonable $85 each and make great romantic gifts, as well as being wonderful new baby, birthday, graduation, or retirement presents. They are available exclusively from http://www.japanese-name-translation.com. To celebrate the opening of this website, we are offering free shipping on all orders received by 14th January 2005 in time for delivery by Valentine’s Day.

For additional information or to request a sample personalized calligraphy scroll, please contact Stephen Munday.

About http://www.japanese-name-translation.com
http://www.japanese-name-translation.com is a unique website created, owned and operated by Internet Support, Ltd. of Anjo, Japan. Internet Support has been developing websites and software solutions for small and medium-sized companies in Japan for the last seven years.

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