Skyrocketing Healthcare Costs Driving Alternative Solutions.

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Healthcare costs are among the fastest growing expenses for businesses, individuals and governments. Preventitive measures are making more and more sense since it is far less expensive to prevent disease than it is to treat it. These astronomical costs have spawned a wave of nutritional and wellness companies.

The "Wellness" industry is among the fastest growing in response to healthcare costs. People are fed up with skyrocketing healthcare costs and less than optimal health. With the right knowledge and application of wellness principals, health can be restored.

There is no one company that has all the best solutions or products in their product lines. That is where the "best of" websites combine several company's products into one website. There is far more than just nutrition that is needed for a healthy lifestyle. The person as a whole - mind, body and spirit must be taken into consideration. is one of these "best of" wellness sites. Constantly updated as new and or better products come to market. Over 30 years of personal research into health and wellness have contributed to this compilation of wellness companies.

Nutritional supplementation is a must. Today it is nearly impossible to obtain the required nutrients from food alone. Our soils are depleted of minerals and beneficial organisms that promote health. The human body will stay healthy and repair itself with the required nutrients and healthy lifestyle.

Toxicity is another challenge the body must deal with. Pollution, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, radiation and other free radicals wreak havoc on our body’s cells. Proper nutrition and avoidance of toxic substances can assist the body to cleanse itself. Household chemicals make the home one of the most dangerous environments to be in. We have a product that can replace almost every toxic chemical used in the home.

Water is another source of toxic chemicals and pathogens. Chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals and many other chemicals are in our drinking water and add to toxicity in the body. Showering with chlorinated water is even worse than drinking it. The body absorbs much more chorine through the skin and inhaled water vapors in the lungs than drinking water.

Stress is accumulative and very taxing to the body. In this day and age, it is nearly impossible to avoid stress. That is why managing stress is a major part of wellness. Stress weakens the immune system and disrupts normal body functions. Many diseases are caused or aggravated by stress.

We bring to the table what we consider to be, the most effective products to the above wellness challenges. We are constantly reviewing and adding to our arsenal of wellness tools. Effectiveness is the number one deciding factor as to what we promote. Visit us at:

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