Co-Creating World Peace Effort With Oprah

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World Peace & Harmony Begins With One Person...You. What does this simple statement really mean? Is it possible that World Peace really does begin with each of us as individuals? Is it really possible that World Peace is not up to our leaders, politicians and those holding the riches of our world? Yes.

This season the Oprah Winfrey Show is running a series called "Oprah's Wildest Dreams Come True"...The University of Light & Creativity/Universal has recently submitted a collective dream to Oprah...The dream - to post billboards on every major highway in the United States that say...

"World Peace & Harmony Begins With One Person...You."

Imagine the potential of this message being portrayed all across our country .... Imagine how this simple message could ripple out to touch our entire global community...World Peace is possible...We have the ability to make this dream a reality! We know that many voices coming together make One powerful voice - We are many and We are One.

Peace is not a concept that can be mandated or enforced. Fighting for Peace is self-defeating and is what builds walls between people and nations. To experience Peace is to be Peace. When we as individuals are expressing Peace within ourselves, there is no desire or need to create conflict in our outer world. The conflicts we experience in our outer world are a mirror of humanity’s collective internal conflict. World Peace cannot be achieved through challenging or finger pointing.

We have the right ~ We have the ability to Choose Peace in every moment! When we choose Peace within our own lives, we become a Ripple of Peace, we become a Voice of Peace, breathing our inspiration into the heart of humanity, gently encouraging reflection and right action.

We all want to feel secure. We all want to feel accepted. We all want to feel loved. No one, nothing can make us feel this way. To feel loved is to love ourselves, unconditionally. To feel accepted is to accept ourselves, unconditionally. To feel secure is to remember who we truly are, to embrace the natural state of our being ~ Unconditional Love, Peace & Harmony…For this is what lives within the hearts of all…

Join us in supporting Global Harmony and World Peace! Add your voice to this dream and empower the experience of a dream we ALL hold in our hearts. Sign our guestbook to show your support, show Oprah that this is a real vehicle for graceful change ...Please follow your Heart, reflect on what the statement means to you and pass this information on to others you know.

The link below will take you to our page with further details of our submission to Oprah. We believe this submission has the potential to ripple across our global community and be a huge catalyst for further global peace initiatives. or you may visit our blog site for more detailed updates
Thank You for your time and energy!

Be In Joy.

~Kristin & Mark Jennings Reese


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