Myrtle Beach Restaurants Benefit By Internet Advertising

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With over 7000 searches performed on Yahoo and MSN per month, restaurants in Myrtle Beach are starting to realize the potential of the internet in their advertising budgets.

Through various online sources available to the public, we've found the following number of searches performed during the month of November 2004 on the major search engines other than Google:

Myrtle Beach Restaurants 7,355

Restaurants in Myrtle Beach 231

Myrtle Beach SC Restaurants 164...

...and nearly 700 more searches divided by types of restaurants. The Google search engine usually gets about the same number. So let's round it off to approximately 14,000 searches done total a month pertaining to Myrtle Beach Restaurants in some way.

Most major newspapers would be hard-pressed to prove that many readers. Restaurant owners in any resort, and particularly in Myrtle Beach, SC should take note of this and aim their advertising as much to the online sources as to tv and radio.

Quite a few of the local restaurants have websites. Two of the finest ones in the area, a Myrtle Beach seafood restaurant, Flamingo Grill (Steaks, too!),and a very well known Myrtle Beach Steakhouse, Cagney's Old Place, are among the ones that helping prospective diners to find them on the net.

It isn't enough just to pay a couple of hundred dollars to put up a nice website and leave it there. In order for it to be seen, the owner either needs to hire a Search Engine Optimization Company, choose a web design firm who includes it in the package, such as Myrtle Beach Web Design or at the very least, purchase advertising space on the more popular tourism websites. In the Myrtle Beach area, is probably the largest, most important of these tourist portals...along with the chamber of commerce sites for Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach. But industry-specific to restaurants, is the Myrtle Beach Condo and Restaurant Directory. Locally owned and hand-coded, this restaurant directory has been online for about 3 years, and boasts a yearly average of about 200 visits per day. The site often reaches 400 per day in the full season of summer. It is number one on Google for Myrtle Beach restaurants, in the top 3 on MSN, and was number one on Yahoo until this press release apparently offended them for mentioning their search figures.

Listings for

Myrtle Beach condos, Myrtle Beach hotels and Myrtle Beach golf packages have been added, and more services will be offered as an ongoing procedure.

Local web designers have taken notice of this, and duplicate sites are popping up all over the place; some with almost identical domain names. As they say, "Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery."

The more traffic that is generated through hotels, condos, and real estate additions, the more visitors will see an ad for restaurants or vice-versa. The Myrtle Beach Condos and Restaurants Guide website will be a complete guide to everything Myrtle Beach. It can done without putting down its competition, and can help all of the advertisers better their own websites in the bargain. Contact any of the companies Myrtle Beach promotes, and you'll see how pleased they are with the services they've received.

To be placed on the first page of any search engine, it is mandatory that your website have links directed to it by other important websites. Google, in particular, bases about 70% of its placement algorithim on incoming links...described as "votes" by other websites that your site is an important one. Your website should have very minimal amounts of the more fancy elements such as flash and javascript, and plenty of good text on the homepage that utilizes the phrases you want to be found in the searches for.

If you are paying for advertising, you should keep the above in mind, and get the double benefit of link power as well as pretty ads that will be seen.

Myrtle Beach offers all of this. You can get a great picture advertisement, text links, or even your own entire page for much less than most other travel portals. The site's creator, Myrtle Beach Web Design, LLC, is an expert search engine optimization provider, and it was designed to promote the advertisers' sites as well as advertising for them. They have helped and advised more business associates with SEO without charge than those they've charged for. Few if any competing websites can say this.

For maxiumum advertising potential, have your website designed by a company that understands and creates "Search Engine Friendly" websites. Myrtle Beach Web Design is one of the best, and offers Search Engine Placement consultations and other solutions to get your website well placed in the engines.

Most of all, don't pay a large price for a beautiful website that never gets seen. If you don't want to pay to have it done correctly, then at least consider diverting some of your print advertising to the internet. You'll be surprised in how much your business can benefit from it.

For more information, contact Myrtle Beach Web Design or

Myrtle Beach Directory (

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