Seven Steps to Avoid Overeating in 2005 from Inventor of Tiny Powerseed Eating Coach

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Simple but effective eating tips for the New Year listed with description of a tiny electronic eating coach, the Powerseed, that's being heralded as a weight control breakthrough by top health professionals.

If one of your resolutions is to eat less in the New Year, check out these tips from weight control innovator Bill Curry to rein in that waistline without feeling deprived:

1. Form an intention ahead of time to eat only when you are physically hungry. Remind yourself of this promise when you sit down to eat.

2. Place moderate portions on your plate. Don’t worry about not getting enough.

3. Savor your food — slowly. Try to take at least 30 seconds to relish each bite. This increases your meal satisfaction with less food.

4. As you eat, periodically pause and monitor your level of hunger. Ask, "Am I still hungry?"

5. When you no longer detect any feelings of hunger, simply STOP EATING and put any remaining food on your plate away. Don’t eat until you feel full.

6. Remember, this is not about denying you food. You can always eat more at a later time — when you are actually hungry.

7. Finally, check back in on your tummy feelings 15 minutes after your meal. You’ll discover that you feel perfectly satisfied without the discomfort and bloat of over-indulging.

Mindful eating expert Bill Curry devoted seven years of research to create a novel weight control system that prevents overeating without restrictive dieting. The Walpole, New Hampshire inventor holds two U. S. Patents on the Powerseed, a tiny electronic eating coach that reminds you to eat slowly, avoid thoughtless snacking…and most importantly, stop eating when you’re no longer hungry.

Curry says, "Weight control success is all about doing a better job of managing our minds from moment-to-moment. The Powerseed eating coach helps you pay active attention whenever you eat or think about food. You learn to tap into your body’s internal portion control system AS you eat. Anyone can achieve dramatic reductions in daily food consumption and still feel satisfied when using the Powerseed System."

A broad spectrum of health professionals has welcomed the Powerseed’s common sense approach. Veteran weight management counselor, Megritte Hammond, M.Ed., R.D., C.D.E., calls it a breakthrough product and predicts the Powerseed will become an essential tool to naturally reduce food intake and attain healthier lifestyles.

In a company survey, 92% of Powerseed owners say the new approach works better than other weight control methods they have tried. While the Powerseed was developed as a stand-alone system, Curry says the little mindfulness trainer supports and enhances any health-based eating or fitness program.

Curry has an extensive background in technical research, engineering, product development and business management. The creation of the Powerseed System stemmed from his personal struggle to eat moderately and maintain a healthy body weight. To learn more go to

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