200 Miles Per Gallon in a Car ... Impossible? NO! Automobile Fuel Vaporizing Systems - The Largest Collection Of Information On Over 900 Of These Extremely Efficient Gas-Saving Devices Ever Collected in One Place is Now Available on One Easy-To-Use CD!

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Vapor Systems Technology Inc. of Spring Valley, California, has produced the most incredible collection of information on 900+ fuel-stingy inventions that has ever been made available to the public. No-installation-needed CD even includes a dynamite fully functional search engine that reveals all the details, specifications and comments from their inventors!.

Many people are aware of the fact that gasoline introduced into an engine in liquid form, such as by carburetion or fuel injection, has to be changed into a vapor before it will burn. Liquid fuel simply does not ignite. The heat of the engine helps to a small extent to vaporize fuel, but most of the liquid gasoline introduced goes out the exhaust as unburned fuel. That's why we have catalytic converters, and other types of emission control devices. There is, however, a much better, more efficient way.

Back in 1932, a man by the name of Charles Nelson Pogue built a device that was tested by Ford Motor Company and Winnepeg Motor Company of Canada. It was a fuel system like no other. Instead of using conventional methods of dispensing liquid gasoline into the engine, he created a superheating device that literally boiled the fuel into a dry vapor state. Hence the term 'Vaporizer'. It was disclosed that his vaporizer got 25+ miles per one pint of gasoline! Or in easier to figure terms, over 200 mile per gallon! For whatever reason, his device never made it to market. But regardless of that, the cat had been let out of the bag...

In the 1970's, a young mechanic-inventor named Tom Ogle of El Paso, Texas turned the automotive world on it's ear with an astounding claim of over 100 miles per gallon with his vaporizer-equipped Ford V8. His story was very well-documented in the El Paso Times newspaper. The stories can be obtained by contacting the El Paso Library research division, and asking for information on the Oglemobile as it came to be known. There are at least 6 different articles, and Mr. Ogle took the local press on test drives and proved his claims. It was also reported that a representative from Shell Oil Company asked him what he would do if someone offered him a VERY large sum of money (reportedly $25 Million!). He stated that he would not be interested, he was going to bring it to market. Unfortunately, it appears that Mr Ogle met with an untimely demise before he could realize his dream.

The author of this CD and President of Vapor Systems Technology, Mr. David Steckling is an ASE-Certified Automobile and Heavy Truck Master Technician, was a California state smog tech for over 15 years, and has been an automotive technical editor for the last 6 years for one of the leading companies providing automobile repair information in the US and Canada. He has over 25 years of experience in the Automotive field. On top of that, he is a college graduate in Computer Science. While preparing to build his own fuel vaporizing system, he chose to see what had already been done. By the time he was finished, he had compiled over 400 hours of research material and put it into one CD.

There are over 1500 devices that have been registered at the US Patent Office that are designed to vaporize fuel through various means and methods. He chose the best, most effective systems, and put over 900 of them on the disc! There is even a search engine installed directly on the CD, so that any info desired can quickly be found without any guesswork! Over 600 of these systems have expired patents, and are now public domain. They can be built, even sold, by anyone! Every conceiveable tip, research result, building recommendation and helpful hint from the inventors is right at your fingertips.

Stories have abounded, folklore persists, legends of such fuel systems live on. But now, thanks to the availability of the Internet, the truth has come out in overwhelming fashion! Every fuel vapor system that ever enjoyed success is on this CD. If you would like to stop paying at the pump, and want to know how to build yourself a vaporizer, this CD is for you!

For more information, visit our website: http://fuelvapors.com
For a review of this CD, visit http://www.vehicleinfo.com/AutoMuse/archives/2004/12/200_miles_per_g.html

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