Financial Freedom Society is the New Name, but their Mission is Still the Same - Our Members have Joined Forces in a Crusade for Excellent Financial Health and Independence, so They Can Live Meaningful, Happy, Stress-free Lives

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Retire Quickly Corporation has officially changed their name to Financial Freedom Society, Inc. Their Mission: To help eliminate those social diseases by providing affordable and essential training, tools and professional services to the masses. Together, as members of the Financial Freedom Society, we have the power to help millions to enjoy the blessings of excellent financial health.

Financial Freedom Society, Inc (FFSI for short) states that poor financial health robs almost all of us of 10 to 20 extra years of financial independence. Tragically for many it also results in bankruptcies, business failures, divorces, shattered retirement dreams and even premature death.

FFSI says to their knowledge they are the first and only Financial Health Club™ in the world. As we all know, a health club for your body helps you reduce fat.... FFSI helps you reduce expenses. A regular health club helps you build muscle size and tone...FFSI helps you build net worth and passive income. A regular health club also helps you improve your heart/lung efficiency...FFSI helps you improve your time efficiency.

FFSI provides their members with everything they need to:

• Slash current monthly expenses - (Society membership pays for itself multiple times)

• Eliminate all debt

• Build networth

• Build passive income

• Eliminate financial stress

• Increase available personal time

• Achieve financial independence in half the normal time

• Interact and associate with other Society members in order to benefit from their knowledge and experiences.

• Become able to share time and money with others less fortunate than yourself

• Develop high self-respect and esteem

• Pass on a legacy of excellent financial health to their children

Their thousands of Financial Freedom Society™ members come from over 100 countries. They are individuals, businesses, employees, colleges, charities, non-profit organizations, financial professionals, preachers, attorneys, teachers, doctors, dentists, etc. Their members have joined forces in a crusade for excellent financial health and independence, so they can live meaningful, happy, stress-free lives.

Testimonial- "Through our Society membership, we saved about $19,000 this year just by using the tools, services, and training. Our membership is the BEST investment we have ever made. We can't imagine being without it!"

-Jon & Pathrecy Bautsch

You may also choose to join the Society as a marketing member, which will allow you to earn an income by enrolling new members in the Society. Financial Freedom Society, Inc., (FFSI) is always looking for good Independent Reps to help sell Financial Freedom Society memberships all over the world.

Though most companies are only careful in the design of the product or service they sell, FFSI are equally as careful in the design of our opportunity.

There are quite a few different elements to an income opportunity. However, there are seven critical elements. If they are poorly designed, average men and women have no chance for long-term success. However, if all seven elements have been well-designed, they give you powerful income advantages.

Testimonial- "In my 15 years of direct selling experience, I have never worked with a company with the level of support, professionalism, credibility and integrity as Financial Freedom Society, Inc. Thanks for providing all of us with the opportunity to market such a wonderful service as the Financial Freedom Society Membership. And, thanks for all you do for us and our Customers."

--Joe Huber

Fundraising in the New Millennium! We are happy to introduce you to the Financial Freedom Society's™ Partners for Philanthropy Program. Over 240 charities and non-profit organizations publicly recommend membership in the Society because membership changes lives for the better. Joining the Financial Freedom Society™ can transform your life too. And, since your membership is a family membership, all of your legal dependents will enjoy the full benefits of membership.

Have you ever seen a company with a product or service so exceptional that it has been publicly recommended by over 240 charities?. Have you ever seen a network marketing company where customer sales alone can make it possible to earn a full-time income without recruiting a single Rep or Distributor?.....You have now! And, just imagine the possibilities, if you decide to build a sales team!

Designed Exclusively for non-profit organizations and educational organizations (public and private), this powerful free program, can increase your organization's income, expand your donor base and protect your long-term future. Surprisingly, none of us, including your supporters, were ever taught in school about the wonderful power of managing time and money wisely.

Having worked for many years with non-profit groups, we know it is likely that your organization has many more friends than it has donors. Many of your friends would love to be donors and many of your donors would love to donate more, but they can't.

Membership in the Financial Freedom society™ provides your friends and donors with the tools they need to manage their time and money well, plus it will even slash their existing expenses. This will immediately increase your organization's income, while increasing their income, personal productivity, and quality of life beyond what they currently think is possible enabling them to give even more support to your organization.

FFSI Founder’s Motto: "When we properly manage our time we will have all the money we need and by properly managing our money we will have all the time we need. As a result, we will have an abundance of time and money for ourselves and will be able to give to worthy organizations and causes in order to make our world a better, healthier and safer place."

--Kelly L. Reese

Chartered Financial Consultant

Professional Fundraising Consultant

FFSI invites you to visit them and take the President's 10-Day No-Risk Invitation: Join today for $59.95 and try your membership for 10 days. If you aren't happy, they'll refund your full $59.95 Membership Setup fee.

Simply click here to watch a short seminar or call 1-800-887-7893

If you are a business owner, their Employee Benefit Program could increase your pre-tax profit by about $450 per employee per year... and bless your employees and their families.

Research shows that:

• 50% of all adults have not started saving for retirement

• For many, their Visa balance is larger than their 401(k) balance

• 47% say they don't have enough money month-to-month

• 52% report they live paycheck-to-paycheck

• 66% of employees are "extremely" or "very concerned" about making ends meet

Dr. Tom Garman, professor emeritus at Virginia Tech University, tells employers, "to give their employees access to quality financial information, education and advice because it increases profitability." Garman says employers can expect $450 in positive job outcomes from each employee who slightly increases his or her financial behaviors and financial well-being.

Financial Advisors Program-7 Excellent Reasons to Represent the Financial Freedom Society:

1. 42% level lifetime recurring commissions

2. 17% level lifetime overrides from your colleagues

3. Significant additional bonuses

4. Increase your sales to existing clients

5. Double or triple your appointments

6. We handle customer service

7. Zero paper work- everyone qualifies

If you would like to find out more information, FFSI suggests you start by watching the short (approximately 10 minutes) seminar at

After watching the seminar, simply click on the “Click for More Information” button. At the top of that page will be a button called “Special Programs”. Hold your cursor over it and a drop down box will appear. Simply click on the program which interests you the most.

FFSI is a member of The Better Business Bureau, The Better Internet Bureau and The U.S. Chamber of Commerce.


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