A Career New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep

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Every New YearÂ?s, job seekers make resolutions. But do they keep them? In 2005 they can if they are looking for a new job.

Every New Year’s, job seekers make resolutions. But do they keep them? In 2005 they can if they are looking for a new job.

In the November issue of Business 2.0, there was a major article describing why now is the best time in years to LAND YOUR DREAM JOB. In the article, the journalist laid out how the job market is turning around and that shortages are already developing in certain fields. Josh Quittner, the magazine’s editor, said that the best thing about having a dream job is feeling that you are doing what you were born to do.

In the January 10th issue of Business Week, there was an article citing that raises, perks, and long sabbaticals are becoming commonplace for auditors. Other industries are starting to bring back perks too.

As a result, job seekers do not have to be afraid anymore. They can dust off their resumes and begin to find a new job. But, not any job, but their dream job!

Deborah Brown-Volkman, noted career coach, author of Coach Yourself To A New Career: A Guide For Discovering Your Ultimate Profession, motivational speaker, radio and TV personality, announces a new Career Escape E-Program to help workers escape from jobs they hate.

The Career Escape Program was designed to help job seekers find their dream job in 4 weeks.

It’s tough when your job is not going well. Maybe you have a terrible boss that you cannot work for any longer. Maybe you have difficult co-workers who are driving you crazy. Maybe you are underpaid, unappreciated, tired, frustrated, stressed, overworked, and you just do not want to go into work anymore. Maybe you are bored out of your mind. Well, there is good news. This program gives you proven tools, strategies, and resources to get out. And the job market is in your favor.

Says Deborah Brown-Volkman, the program founder and creator, "The Career Escape Program was born as of a result of my work with hundreds of clients, many who hated their jobs and felt they were trapped and could not do anything about it. The components in this program are the components I used to walk my clients through their escape. I have captured these steps for those who want to know what they did and how they can apply it to their situation."

The Career Escape Program can be found at: http://www.career-escape-program.com

2005 is the year we will see job seekers make their resolution of a great new job come true.

About The Career Escape Program:

The Career Escape Program™ gives you the tools and information you need to get your career back on track. The program taken during a 4 week period, leads you to your dream job. Week #1: You get inspired and motivated to act. Week #2: You get direction and focus. Week #3: You get tools to make a decision about what to do next. Week #4: You get resources and strategies to create a plan to get out of your current job. The components include personal experiences and the successes of others who left unsatisfying careers to find jobs they love.

Your dream job is out there. Now is the best time to get it.

For more information, please contact Deborah Brown-Volkman at (631) 874-2877, at info@surpassyourdreams.com, http://www.career-escape-program.com, or at http://www.surpassyourdreams.com

Contact: Deborah Brown-Volkman

Phone: (631) 874-2877

Email: info@surpassyourdreams.com



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