Software Makes Industrial Reporting Easier for Plant Personnel and Systems Integrators

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WorkSmart Automation announces the release of ReportBuilderÂ? Version 1.30, its latest version of software tools designed for reporting historical data collected automatically by SCADA / HMI systems and manually collected data.

ReportBuilder™ is a set of data access tools and functions available within the Microsoft Excel workbook allowing users to build complex industrial reports by placing data access functions into worksheets. New toolbars, menus and windows added to Excel allow for choosing data points by their respective tag name, description and engineering unit. Custom tag groups allow for storing multiple tags in a logical and easy to find format. Users can analyze data and reports for different time frames by choosing the date and duration of the report they are interested in or clicking forward and backward buttons to report the previous or next reporting interval. Reports can be set for automatic output to printer, email, html web and Excel file formats for a completely automated reporting solution.

Systems Integrators will appreciate the ability to build and reuse reports from project to project. They often have to build the same or similar report for each project they integrate. Reusing previously configured reports increases profitability and lowers the total cost of ownership for end-users.    ReportBuilder™ accomplishes this by connecting to all of the major SCADA / HMI vendor’s like: FIX32, iFIX, iHistorian, InTouch, InSQL, Lookout, FactoryLink, RSView, Cimplicity, and others. Optional ODBC drivers for accessing historical data by GE Fanuc FIX32 and iFIX, and Wonderware InTouch log files make it possible to report on data as far back as collection began. Once reports are built, they can be reused on other projects with minimal modifications.

Plant personnel will appreciate the ability to report on more than just SCADA / HMI logged data. Rarely is plant and process data ever collected completely by the SCADA / HMI system. Most municipalities and plants track other types of data by entering it into a database or spreadsheet. With ReportBuilder™, plant personnel can report data from both SCADA/HMI and custom databases. Reports can be built that present data from one or more of the data sources seamlessly.

ReportBuilder’s™ powerful set of features start working for you immediately after installation. Advanced import and export features include the ability to import project tag names, descriptions and engineering units to and from Microsoft Excel. The new Tag Import Wizard will import tags automatically from iHistorian, iFIX, FIX32 and InSQL. With these features, users can be up and running in about thirty minutes.

ReportBuilder™’s flexible functions provide options for filtering data based on time, values, and values of other tags within the system. Often times, reports will include the minimum, maximum and average values for a given data point and interval. However, other factors must be considered when reporting including limiting these values to when other conditions exist, like high flow, backwash inactive, and others. ReportBuilder™ supports optional arguments for filtering data for these conditions.

Company CEO, Dan Jones, comments “ReportBuilder™ brings a whole new outlook to system integrators and plant personnel when it comes to reporting. No longer are users required to present data without the proper tools to do so. And with ReportBuilder™’s ease of use, we are seeing many system integrators offer reporting as a new service. We are also seeing plant personnel specifying ReportBuilder™ for their projects. Systems Integrators and end-users need tools that they can sit down with and are immediately productive.”

WorkSmart Automation, Inc., located in Sacramento, CA has over 17 years of experience in the SCADA/HMI field providing solutions to the process control industry and saw the need for a flexible reporting tool that serves both plant personnel and systems integrators alike.

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