BlogKits BlogMatch Network: World’s First ‘Paid to Blog’ Network

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Bloggers finally have a new way to make a buck with their weblogs. has launched the BlogKits BlogMatch Network, an opportunity for anyone who owns a blog to be matched with businesses, marketers and/or advertisers looking to partner with niche-filled, content specific, quality blogs.

“Until today, bloggers primarily embraced tools such as Google Adsense or Henry Copeland's to generate revenues,” said Jim Kukral, Blogging Guru and founder of “While both excellent solutions, the fact remains that both of those tools rely on a blogger's ability to generate large amounts of web traffic for any real income opportunities, leaving 99% of all blogs out in the cold.”

The BlogKits BlogMatchTM Network will allow all blogs, even those without high levels of visitor traffic, the no-cost opportunity to earn revenues in a multitude of ways by matching them with advertisers/marketers that care more about reaching the right target audience, not just necessarily the biggest one, and not necessarily through only traditional methods like banner ads.

Blogging has recently begun to draw the eye of online advertisers. BusinessWeek online reports that “the growth in regular online advertising is estimated to be about 35% this year…Add to all this the fact that about 11% of Internet users today are inveterate blog readers, and the blogging scene starts to get mighty compelling for marketers.”

“For bloggers, a network approach like this makes more sense because it gives them direct exposure to businesses and advertisers that have money to spend to reach a niche audience, even if the traffic levels are average or below.” Kukral continued.

“For advertisers, it’s all about a positive conversion ratio and return on investment. For example, as an advertiser, would you rather put your message in front of 10,000 people that aren’t necessarily your target market, or 500 people that fit your target perfectly? Which will convert more? Which will be more effective? Marketers know this already, they just need a better way to get it done specifically with blogs.”

The BlogKits BlogMatchTM Network will facilitate partnerships in many forms, not just through traditional methods like banner ads and links.

“Last time I checked, banner ad conversion rates were less than spectacular. So why do we see them everywhere still, and more specifically why do we think they will work on blogs? Good blogs are content delivery machines. That’s what blogs are made to do.”

“It seems silly to me to think that we can’t find other ways to deliver a marketing message in a way that fits directly into each blog’s individual niche delivery, while still keeping an ethical line between paid advertisement and blog commentary. After all, in essence, a blog IS content, and good content is powerful, especially if it’s niche specific. So as long as the content is on target and provides quality information, there’s no reason a blogger shouldn’t be able to mix in a marketing message or two, assuming they want to.”

About Jim Kukral &

Jim Kukral created and the BlogKits BlogMatchTM Network to help bloggers around the globe find ways to generate revenues with their blogs by matching them up with businesses, marketers and/or advertisers who realize the growing power of blogs as a marketing tool. Kukral’s experience in the online marketing world has lead him to professional writing contracts with respected online magazines such as and He has also been published in MarketingProfs and Revenue Magazine. Kukral has also written an ebook entitled 'Blogs To Riches - A step-by-step guide to Blogging Your Way To Riches'. Ahead of its time in early 2003, the book offers information, tips and tricks about how to setup a basic blog, then use it to earn a profit. Kukral was born and raised in Cleveland, OH, where he still lives with his wife and two children + dog.

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