The World's Most Rare and Expensive Chocolate Now Available on the Internet

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A few hundred years ago, chocolate was the food of the extremely wealthy. Over the years, a number of factors reduced the price of cocoa and quality of chocolate so that now, low grade chocolate is the food of the masses. But what about getting a taste of extremely good quality chocolate? According to Zhocolate, their One in a Million Zhocolate is the best chocolate in the world… for a price my friend, that price being about $1,000 per box.

Zhocolate (pronounced like chocolate but with a "Zsa") is aimed at the sophisticated consumer who knows the difference between a finger painting and a masterpiece. According to Sean Sloan, Founder and President of Zhocolate and its website, "what it takes to produce a box of Zhocolate, is beyond most people's imagination or comprehension. It's not like any other chocolate anywhere. I won't tell you how our chocolate is made, that's a secret, but I will say that I do not know of any chocolate anywhere that costs more to produce than Zhocolate. Because of this untouched superiority, I think Zhocolate is the best chocolate in the world. There's not even a close second."

Zhocolate is so time consuming and expensive to create, says Sloan "that only one in a million people can even get a box. We can't produce any more than that amount." The entrepreneur adds, "it costs us up to 100 times more to produce our chocolate than the retail price of some chocolate makers. To say that Zhocolate is the Rolls Royce of chocolate is a severe understatement. In my opinion, comparing some of the finest European chocolates to ours is like comparing a skateboard to a Rolls Royce."

There's even a different way to eat Zhocolate than other brands. Mr. Sloan states, "Zhocolate is different. If you eat it like any other chocolate, then you don't understand the product. How to eat Zhocolate is also a secret only our customers know and we don't publish that information either. But I will say this, there is an optimum temperature and humidity for consumption. You see, Zhocolate is more than just chocolate. Zhocolate is an experience. It's one of a kind and should be treasured."

Even the Zhocolate boxes are one of a kind. Says Sloan, "we don't publish the box image anywhere. To see the box, one must own the box. Each box is uniquely different in ways that we do not divulge. We have to protect our brand." He adds, "The boxes are becoming collector's items already. Because of their extreme exclusivity, it is hard to find one. I think the boxes should be handed down to future generations."

Zhocolate can be found at Zhocolate is not sold in any stores or anywhere other than the website.

For more information, contact Mr. Sloan at .


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