Jim McLean Golf Swing Instruction: Jim McLean Endorses Swing Flutter™ Golf Swing Instruction Aid

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Jim McLean, a world renowned golf instructor, has endorsed Swing Flutter™, an innovative golf swing instruction aid. The novel golf swing instruction program provides golfers with the means to actually hear when their golf swing goes awry. Jim McLean is rated by Golf Digest as one of the nation’s top golf instructors. The golf swing instruction aid was developed by Lawrence Koncelik, a local inventor.

– Larry Koncelik, president of Swing Flutter Inc., announced today that the company is now going into full production to meet the anticipated demand for its revolutionary golf swing instruction aid, The Swing Flutter™ and companion instructional DVD hosted by world-renowned golf instructor Jim McLean.

Created by Koncelik, an East Hampton, New York resident and avid golfer, The Swing Flutter™ comes with a 11 minute instructional DVD hosted by McLean. Koncelik is naturally excited by McLean’s involvement and endorsement. “Jim is one of golf's greatest teaching professionals,” he said in a recent interview. “We are honored that he has chosen to partner with us and thrilled that he feels The Swing Flutter™ is a golf tool that will help improve any golfer’s game.”

“The Swing Flutter™ is an exceptional instructional tool,” says McLean. “I evaluate scores of instructional tools every year and The Swing Flutter™ is by far the best I’ve seen in years. It works-- pure and simple.”

The Swing Flutter™, an audio feedback, tempo-tuning golf teaching aid, rests just above the golf club head. It rotates and flutters with the flow of air that is created during each phase of the golf swing. Using the instructional aid, golfers can actually hear the difference between a good and bad golf swing. “The key to the program’s success lies in training the golfer to ignore mechanics. If the separate and distinct sounds produced on the back swing, swing, and follow are ‘in tune’, the golfer finds himself playing ‘in the zone’,” McLean says.

The theory underlying the program is akin to the Suzuki method which is widely used in Japan to teach children how to play the violin. “It’s amazing how quickly children can learn to play a violin when they concentrate on the sound they produce instead of the mechanics involved in generating that sound,” Koncelik observed. “The same holds true for golf swing instruction. The player who focuses on the sound produced during each phase of the swing, soon learns how to perfect his swing.”

Koncelik also likens Swing Flutter™ to the learning curve that goes along with learning how to crack a whip. “While the sounds accompanying the swing are essential, considerable emphasis is placed on the crack heard when the club head passes through the impact zone. The generation of that sound ends up being the measure of a successful swing much like the cracking sound one hears when the tip of a bullwhip breaks the sound barrier,” he says.

The golf swing instruction aid has still one more advantage. “Golfers don’t have to go to the local driving range to practice; they can perfect their swings in the backyard without a golf ball,” he says.

In a recent interview Tiger Woods is quoted as saying "I think that people try to make things that are really simple more complicated than they really are.” According to Koncelik, his comment validates the concept behind Swing Flutter™. “While Tiger was not talking about Swing Flutter™ when he made the comment, it certainly validates the underlying theory that the learning process should be less analytical than it is kinesthetic.”

The introductory Swing Flutter™ DVD, hosted by McLean, is easy to understand. In the DVD McLean focus on three techniques that can be practiced almost anywhere. In the DVD, Jim McLean explains how The Swing Flutter™ works, how a golfer can benefit from practicing with it. The unique DVD provides coaching tips and practice drills from one of the games best-known and respected instructors.

“Hearing the problem, helps to solve the problem,”™ said McLean. This phrase is now the company slogan.

To learn more about the Swing Flutter™ system, visit (http://www.swingflutter.com). Individuals wishing to contact Mr. Koncelik can use the email hyperlink appearing in the right hand column or call him personally at (631) 324-9850.


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