Hang'um Planters Announces the Arrival of Their New 24” Hanging Planters which Joins Our 36" Hanging Planters - They Look so Cute and Petite Next to Our 36" Hanging Planters

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HangÂ?um PlanterÂ?s 24Â? hanging planters arrive early. They were not due until April 2005. Even though we shorten our one-piece hanging planters 12 inches, you get the same quality product as our 36Â? long hanging planters.

Our goal was to create hanging planters, which features include one-piece planters yet lightweight durable planters and built to last planters. Also hanging planters where you could plant your flowers and/or plants then hang them on your secure structure. You do not have to buy a wire frame to put our planters in; they hang right on your secure structure.

Hang’um Planters can be used all year long. In the summer you could put dahlias, in the fall you could plant pansies, the winter months you could plant pine or spruce, and in the spring geraniums or petunias. By changing the flowers each season it will look like you are spending a lot of money to spruce up your house when really you are just changing the flowers that gives your house a different look.

We offer a variety of colors, white, tan, brown, black, terracotta and green, people can match the hanging planters to their house. Even though the planters stand out with the plants in them, they flow with the house. And you can dress up the hanging planters even more by painting designs on the planter or by using pre-cut decals.

The planters are 24” or 36” long, the planting area is 6” deep by 6” wide. The key to keeping plants alive in planters is to have good drainage, our planters have 8 tiny drain holes in our 24” long hanging planters and 12 tiny drain holes in our 36” long hanging planters.

Our 24” long lightweight durable plastic planters hang on the same secure structures as our 36” long hanging planters: fences, decks, porches, balconies, benches, gazebos, on windowsills, by the swimming pool, on office partitions. The 24” long hanging planter is for the smaller sections of your fences, decks, porches, etc. You can still plant your flower and/or plants in our hanging planters then hang the planters on your secure structure. No matter where you live or work we have planters for apartments, planters for mobile homes, planters for home and planters for businesses.

Our hanging planters come in 4 different size lips. What we mean when we refer to the lip size (2”, 4”, windowsill and 6”) is the area that hangs over your secure structure. See http://www.hangumplanters.com for additional information.

Our 2” hanging planter hangs on railings up to 2” in width, fences up to the size of a chain link fence. Also the 2” hanging planter will hang on a bench or a partition in the office.

Our 4” hanging planter hangs on the porch railing, gazebo railing and/or the deck railing, 3” to 4” wide. The black planter, green planter, brown planter, tan planter and white planter look great on porches because they match the shutters on your house.

We also have a 4” hanging planter that attaches to your windowsill otherwise know as a window box or window planter. The 4” window box is different because the lip area is flat and you can only attach it by screws. The black planter, green planter, brown planter, tan planter and white planter fit on your windowsill and match the shutters on your house.

Our 6” hanging planter fits deck railings 5” to 6” wide. The white planter, tan planter and brown planter, match most decks so they flow with your deck and house. The aquatic pool industry is incorporating our 6” lip black model as their water plant planters.

Our lightweight durable plastic planters are great for handicap people. It is hard for handicap people to do any gardening, our hanging planters fit on the railings, which is eye level for people confined to a wheelchair. If people want to they can take the lightweight plastic planters on and off the railing with ease.

You can use our planters for businesses, which can spruce up the look of their building. It really does not matter if you use our planters as apartment planters, business planters, mobile home planters, home planters, window boxes, gardening or whatever we are sure you will love our durable plastic planters that hang on secure structures.

Positive Reviews from people visiting our booth at the trade shows this year:

·“Hang’um Planters are so easy to use”;

·“Your hanging planters are going to change the world for the handicap people, now we can plant/ maintain our flowers without anyone around”;

·“Hang’um Planters thought of everything when they designed these hanging planters”;

·“Hang’um Planters are lightweight but so durable”

·“Why didn’t I think of that?”

Other ways our customers are using our planters are hydroponics. Instead of using flimsy plastic (which is thrown away) to ship the plants, greenhouses put the plants in our planters and then ship them to the retailers. Then retailers sell the planters, no waste. The aquatic pool industry is incorporating our 6” lip black model into their pond landscaping designs for potting of aquatic plants.

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