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The payday loan business is booming. The number of outlets now offering these low-dollar, super-quick loans has doubled to over 20,000 in the last four years. Industry growthÂ?from predominantly stand-alone check-cashing storefronts, to national lending chains that have suddenly caused even Wall Street to stand up and take noticeÂ?has been fueled largely by the Internet and savvy, new marketing techniques.

the team at PDL Marketing really jump-started our online marketing effort. We tried other methods of increasing our share -- but nothing could compare to the quality of the leads we were able to get from them.

Behind the success of many of the new breed of payday loan lenders is the Delaware-based payday loan lead generation giant, PDL Marketing LLC ( Payday loan companies are quickly realizing that the marketing solutions offered to generate new borrowers for their cash advance products, are more cost effective then through their own efforts.

PDL Marketing, LLC generates in excess of 7,000 payday loan applications each day for their clients.

“We’re acting as a behind-the-scenes marketing department for our payday lending clients. Not only have we been able to slash their marketing cost by over 90% through our proprietary online methods, but we’ve dramatically increased their coffers. We have taken several clients from $100,000 a month in new loans to over $2 million in just 6 months,” says Richard Hansen, CIO of PDL Marketing, LLC.

Some of PDL Marketing’s clients are simply looking for fully completed applications from qualified borrowers, and PDL Marketing can provide these clients a guaranteed number of new applicants each week for as little as $18 per lead.

According to Colin McCarthy, manager of a Philadelphia-based payday loan outfit, "the team at PDL Marketing really jump-started our online marketing effort. We tried other methods of increasing our share -- but nothing could compare to the quality of the leads we were able to get from them."

Lenders come to PDL marketing not just to purchase new applicants directly, but to literally replace their in-house marketing initiatives, their prices are lower than the lenders own online paycheck loan lead-generating programs, and the service PDL Marketing offers are actually at extremely competitive rates while providing uncompromized quality.

The company is innovative as they are successful, their main product being the exclusive and filterable payday loan leads from $18 but they also deliver a non filterable cash advance leads, also exclusive, for only $10. Add to that their pay on loan program from $100 per loan and you have the most versatile payday loan lead generation firm in the industry. offers a one week free trial to companies that qualify and provide the highest quality at the best price. With servers in 3 states, ownership of 3 of the top 10 internet marketing agencies in America today and a plethora of experience in the payday loan business, they provide true value for their clients.

“The funny part is, if a company is buying payday leads online today, they are probably ours as we supply most of our competitor’s leads”, says Hansen

At one time the payday loan business was derided because the fees on a percentage basis appear to be extremely high. But because the loan amounts are so low, the actual dollar cost to the borrower is actually quite low, often less than what banks charge for a bounced check.

Borrowers aren’t complaining. Just before Christmas last year, more than 10 million people took out a payday loan. Consumers praise the ease of qualifying and the speed of acquiring cash they cannot get from “traditional” lenders.

Business is indeed, booming, particularly for customers of PDL Marketing LLC.

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