Asian Direct Wholesale Jewelry Sources Website Has Just Launched. Discover Wholesale Jewelry Sources from the Orient. Over 400 High Quality Asian Vendors and Their Website Site Addresses. Save Time and Make a Tremendous Profit With This Valuable Information

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Buy Wholesale Direct at low factory prices - The Most Updated & Useful Import Lists Ever Published - A Must For Every Wholesaler, Retailer or Direct Marketer! The Asian Direct Wholesale Jewelry Sources Ebook is hot off the press.

Ever thought it would be nice to start your own business selling jewelry? Jewelry is a very profitable big ticket item, small to store, and low on shipping costs. Sounds great.

Why don't more people get into this business if it so good? Two main reasons. Number one, lack of upfront funds. And two, they can't compete with the "big boys" as far as pricing and profit margins. How in the heck do those big websites and Powersellers on Ebay sell so low and stay in business?

Answer: They buy from the source with no middlemen! It is well known that the Orient is a hub for imports and exports. Look on the labels of most of the personal items you buy and the majority of the time you will see the words Made In China. So how do you get "connected"?

The Solution: ePlex New Business Solutions, headed by Sean Walker, has just released the exclusive ebook Asian Direct Wholesale Jewelry Sources. The response and reviews have been tremendous. This a wholesale import directory, not retail. With over 400 names of vendors you can't miss finding solid sources. Website links and email addresses are included! You will get the latest and most current edition in an easy to read ebook format. With the directory you will be able to find mail order products, a new staple item to sell on the internet, or made to order for you at great wholesale prices. No wild promises, no gimmicks...just great wholesale product sources!

Bonus Items: There are many aspects of selling jewelry online. To make this a complete package tutorials and resource pages have been added.

1) Jewelry Care and Purchasing Tutorial:

When you make the decision to invest in a piece of jewelry, whether it be diamond, gemstone, platinum, gold or silver jewelry there are some essential jewelry purchasing tips you must to be aware of. To put it simply, you need advice on how to buy wisely. And because jewelry is made to to fit every taste and every budget, it is absolutely vital that when you purchase a jewelry piece that you buy the best possible quality irrespective of the price range.

2) Import Buying Procedures Report:

If you are going to buy from overseas you need to read this report. Learn the essentials of import buying procedures, terms and polite conduct. If you know the basic rules of polite business conduct you will get a better response both in customer care and pricing.

3) California Import Connections List:

Los Angeles and surrounding areas are a hub of international activity. Many of the importers use L.A. as the launching point to the U.S. market. Compiled are several hundred local California companies with connections to the Orient. Contact information included...

4) The New Millennium Guid to Dropship Sources:

With an easy to read format it is filled with more valuable sources in various categories. Dropshipping is a great business to be in and a great way to fund your other business endeavors.

5) Nine Online Auction Training Ebooks:

When you have found your great import sources and are excited to get started, do it right. Do your homework and go head to head with the "Big Boys". You will earn market share with the right knowledge, product sourcing and marketing tools at your disposal.

Why Has This Been a Bestseller?

In today's economy many people are looking to diversify their income. The need for quality information and sources for starting your own business has never been greater.

"The best business advice I can give you...

I tell every client who wants to start an online business the same thing: Without exception, the fastest, most inexpensive way to start a successful online business is through dropshipping and wholesale merchandising!

The hardest part is finding quality dropship and wholesale merchandise to sell. And that's something that is about to get much easier for you.

Sell jewelry and make a tremendous profit, or sell the Asian Sources ebook and make a tremendous profit, or both...It just takes some sweat equity. It's a no brainer to make money with this exclusive offering." - Sean Walker ePlex New Business Solutions (December 29, 2004 Provo, Utah Business Conference)

To learn more about this product please follow this link:

About Eplex New Business Solutions:

The Start Up : Founded in March 2004, ePlex New Business Solutions is rapidly becoming one of the most extensive and reliable hubs for virtually any resource to jumpstart your internet or EBay business. From selling a few wholesale lists on EBay, to now offering thousands of practical support products for the first time home based business owner and large corporations alike.

The Mission Statement: Your success is our success! We know if our any one of our products benefit and profit your business, you will be back for more. We want to earn your lifetime and referral business. Customer service, privacy, secure online ordering, detailed product information and an easy to navigate website are our top objectives.

The Leadership: Sean Walker is the owner and founder of ePlex New Business Solutions. With a thirteen year background in marketing, Sean brings an aggressive and unique approach to online sales, motivational thinking and finding products that work. The ePlex headquarters are located in Cedar Hills, Utah with a service orientated staff.

What Our Customers Say:

"Sean, I have been so frustrated lately. I have had an interest in selling jewelry on the Internet and Ebay for some time. I have purchased "wholesale" stock from local sources only to find that I am still being undersold on Ebay. I knew I needed to find the "source" for real discounts. A friend of mine has a cousin that lives in Taiwan but I could not get the information I needed fast enough from him.

To be honest, I have bought "secret lists" before only to be disappointed. One of them looked like a google search copy and pasted. I could have done that!

I just wanted to say I have enjoyed your ebook and it looks like you really took some time to screen this list.

Your guide to importing has been helpful too. Thanks again!"

  • Steve Godsbury

New York, New York

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