Internet Creations Announces New Web Services

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Internet Creations, a web design and development agency located in Vermont, is now offering "virtual webmaster" services to corporations and ecommerce website companies.

"When it comes to website design, development and management, some web design firms will charge an exorbitant fee to the client and essentially take the money and run," Bill Alexander, president of Internet Creations explains. "Unfortunately, this hurts the industry and the customer. We've been in the web design business since 1994. After the dot com bubble burst, we have seen a significant decline in true web expertise and customer service."

Alexander indicates how the web design industry has changed (or declined). "In order to cut expenses, companies are hiring inexperienced people such as administrative assistants and bestowing them with the title of 'webmaster.' Oftentimes, these employees cannot complete a basic task such as adding a link to a website. The company may then look to hire a web design firm to pick up the slack, which then ends up costing even more."

So the question is why not outsource the entire web to a large web/media/marketing firm? "You have to be extremely careful who you work with. Many of the large, all inclusive, design firms spread themselves too thin. They hire inexperienced employees or interns to cut costs but invest heavily into their presentation and sales team. Most of their effort relies on acquiring the new client who they dazzle with their brochures, charts and presentations."

Who are you entrusting with your website? "Unfortunately, once the client signs the contract, things tend to bog down once the actual design process begins. In order to justify a large project quote, work may be dragged on for weeks or months to make the project look bigger than it really is.

Worse yet is incompetence. Your phone or email inquiry may be received by a receptionist or sales associate who has no web technical experience whatsoever. Employees may come and go leaving your project in the lurch. There is also the danger that due to inexperience, lack of concern, etc. that the person working on your website may leave out many important factors or complete the design in such a way as to be virtually invisible to the search engines."

What is the solution and how can a business know that their website is in good hands? "Internet Creations has been designing all types of websites since 1994. Our reputation is second to none, as our long-time clients will gladly testify. Much of our business comes from companies whose past webmasters or design firms have left them or treated them poorly." Alexander notes that this trend will continue. "We're seeing agencies (large & small) formed all the time who have little to no web expertise. It's actually becoming a MLM, quickly, do-it-yourself business that looks good on the outside. What happens when something goes wrong with your website though? That's when the house of cards begins to crumble."

And who picks up the pieces? "That's where Internet Creations comes in. We can effectively salvage a website gone wrong but it would be much more cost efficient to come to us in the first place. Anybody can work on a car but the mechanic is going to have a tougher time fixing your mess and it will cost you more than if you took it to him originally."

Can't afford a full-time web employee for your company or tired of paying for someone to hang out at the water cooler? Worried about the "we do everything" agency leaving you high and dry? Contact Internet Creations and discuss your needs with us. Pay only for the work you need and get your changes made within hours instead of days (or weeks!). When you call or email, you can be assured you're working with highly experienced web developers. Internet Creations announces the new "Virtual Webmaster" service. We'll take care of your website on a continuous basis and alert you to issues important to your business.

Internet Creations can be contacted by phone at 802-899-2970, on the web at


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