At Last, the Insider Bartending Secrets that will Have You Double Your Tips, Guaranteed - Learn Bartending Tips, Bartending Strategies and Bartending Recipes that Will Skyrocket Your Tips Every Night

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At last, you can learn the hidden secrets of how Bartenders continue to rake in the huge wads of cash night after night and love every minute of it!

At last, you can learn the hidden secrets of how Bartenders continue to rake in the huge wads of cash night after night and love every minute of it!

How would you like to work for only a few hours a week and make more money than most of your friends, meet awesome people and pay your rent in one nights work?

After coming home with only a few dollars to my name after a long night of bartending, I knew I just wasn't doing something right. There had to be strategies and techniques out there that I was missing. So, I tested and tried everything...and documented all of it.

After I started making enough money in one night, just in tips, to pay my rent and my car payments, I realized I should share what I learned with others.

That is when I wrote Bartending Secrets Revealed. This book will guide you through how to make insane tips every night you are behind the bar.

In fact, here are some testimonials from some bartenders that already purchased and applied the strategies found in Bartending Secrets Revealed.

"I am fairly new at bartending..I applied one of the tips and I saw the difference literally overnight...There are awesome tips in this book...they worked for me!" - Patrick

"I purchased Bartending Secrets Revealed and it's been a great investment. I have not only moved on to a larger, more popular bar, I also increased the amount of revenue the bar brings in, and doubled my tips in the process using your techniques. The techniques of offering to work for tips is golden - think about it, if you work for a standard 10 dollars an hour at a slow paced bar at the end of the week you bring in about 350 after taxes. If you use the techniques in this book, you can move to larger, more popular bar and make that amount in less time, and have more fun doing it." - Joel, Alaska

"Finished reading through the info. Was it worth the money? Honestly I bet just the "Tony story" deal...will make me an extra 40 bucks Friday night alone. So for what is worth, I would recommend this to anyone interested in making some more money. If you can't make an extra 20 with this info your first night, maybe bartending is not the right profession for you.

I have been doing this for 18 months now, and cannot believe how much I can make for doing so little, but of course there is always more to be made…You have certainly done a terrific job gathering all your information and putting it together. The one piece of advice I give all my friends who see how much fun I have with my evenings is that bartending is 10% making drinks, and 90% people skills. Anyways thanks for responding to my letter. Thanks for the info, sure I paid for it, by the end of my work week it will have more than paid for itself." -Clay

"I've been bartending for over three years and if i had this book when I first started I would be much further along ...I'm making three to four times more than the other bartenders around the city and having a whole lot more fun!" - Kim

The best part is that Bartending Secrets Revealed is a downloadable ebook - therefore you can get instant access regardless of when you order the book. In addition, every order get three exclusive bonues!

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Theodore A. Watts Jr., or Teddy, has been energetically involved with bartending since 1999 while attending the University of Illinois. While in College,Teddy found inspiration from falling on hard times as a broke college student, to come up with time tested strategies for bartenders like himself. Since then he has has written several articles on the subject and has taken these time tested strategies and put them in an ebook for other

bartenders to use. You can read all about his experience and his strategies at


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