Coastal Vacations Live Seminar Will Offer 10% of its Profits to Red Cross Tsunami Relief in South East Asia.

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As part of the ongoing effort to make a difference in the Tsunami relief efforts, Karl Jacobsen's team of Coastal Vacations Directors will meet February 5th in South Padre Island to announce its donation to the Red Cross. - Karl Jacobsen, a Level II Director with Coastal vacations for over 3 years, explained, "We feel for the folks who suffered in the latest disaster in the Indian Ocean. Because many of us feel so fortunate to have not only our health but also an abundant flow of wealth coming in, we thought it would make sense to band together and give back to our fellow world citizens in South East Asia by making a conbtribution to the red Cross Tsunami Relief Fund."

Karl went way beyond what was required in terms of offering us quality training and first class hospitality. I feel very supported being on his team and I recommend anyone who has not been to one of his events, to certainly come!

Karl Jacobsen and his group will be meeting February 5th in South Padre Island to host a special Coastal Vacations Live Seminar and 10% of their proceeds will be donated to the Tsunami Relief Fund organized by the International Red Cross.

During the Live Coastal Vacations event, individual coaching and group mentoring will be offered to assist Coastal members and Coastal Directors advance their businesses, by learning all the latest strategies and techniques for success in today's modern internet environment. The Live Coastal vacations Seminar will take place February 5th in South Padre Island, Texas to educate individuals about different ways they can tap into the enormous travel industry for savings on cruises, ski resorts, condo rentals and even airfares. Those interested in referring others will learn how the Coastal vacations compensation plan will help them earn $1000 to $3000 for each new person they refer. Here's what Jim Reilly of Fort lauderdale, Florida had to say about the event he attended, "I can't begin to thank you enough for the wonderful education you gave me, plus the lunch, the Christmas gift, the CD's - I learned a lot about life just being near both of you for the day. This world is a better place because of people like you - I can't say enough nice things about you both. I am proud to know both of you."

Coastal Vacations has been a leading home business for the last 9 years, but only recently did it see a substantial increase in new members due to the 4.9 trillon dollar travel industry boom. Baby boomers are seeking ways of enjoying their golden years as more and more of them are retiring and looking for ways of travelling the world while continuing to generate a substantial income from wherever in the world they may be.

These Baby Boomers have caused a veritable business explosion in the Travel Industry, and Coastal Vacations is expanding at a rapid rate. The internet has also contributed to the expansion of both the home business arena in general and the Coastal Vacations business in particular, as people can now use modern technologies such as mobile wifi hotspots at Starbucks to check their email on high speed connections, or even their blackberries to learn about new hits on their websites and new prospects for their business.

Every day, more new systems are being developed to help baby boomers be productive as they travel worldwide using discounted vacation packages to save money and advertising systems like google's adwords to develop new contacts.

Dick Reimer of British Columbia, Canada had this to say about working with the Coastal Vacations team, "I have had so much fun learning from Karl and the money has been great too. I just quit my job at Walmart, because I made more money last month in Coastal than I had made all last year working as a junior manager at Walmart. My wife was thrilled, she even got to go on a shopping spree!"

Karl Jacobsen has offered these Live trainings for Coastal before and says, "We really enjoy the brainstorming that goes on, and the comaraderie that builds as a result of these events." Meals are complimentary and there will be ample time to enjoy the beach and surf in the Gulf of Mexico also. These are really lifestyle events that allow individuals interested in money and travel to connect from a business perspective and also to spend a little R&R time resting and recuperating.

The event is open to qualified individuals who pre-register. Seating is limited so contact the Coastal Seminar website listed or call the toll free number right away. Southwest Airlines has some excellent deals for people flying in from all around the country into Harlingen airport in Texas. There will be a reception on Friday, February 4th evening at poolside and then the main event will begin at 10am on Saturday February 5th. Lunch will be served to all participants and then leaders will be invited back for some advanced training in the afternoon. Guests will also receive a voucher for a 3 day 2 night Disney World vacation, as an extra bonus. By 5pm Saturday, February 5th the Team will contact the Red Cross with its group pledge and it's expected to be a very significant one. A recent attendee at Karl Jacobsen's last Live seminar in Naples, Florida, Mr. Paul Hoene had this to say about the event, "Karl went way beyond what was required in terms of offering us quality training and first class hospitality. I feel very supported being on his team and I recommend anyone who has not been to one of his events, to certainly come!" Learn more about these events by visiting the website or calling the toll free number listed.

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