Website Launches Live in Two Days. Two Teamwork-Based Entrepreneurship Reality Shows, Reinforces Self-Employment. It Also Addresses the Crucial Need of Removing the Entrepreneurial Glass Ceiling.

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USA Teamwork places five west coast Americans and five east coast Americans, together, to create ten successful businesses. Cross-Border Cooperation places five Americans and five Canadians together to create ten successful businesses.

In making a huge culture change and replacing poverty and "paycheck to paycheck" with successful entrepreneurship, the goals of USA Teamwork and Cross-Border Cooperation are to take someone and remove all their personal and business barriers that inhibit them from winning.

This then allows a focus on creating conducive environments to turns this person into both a business and community leader. USA Teamwork and Cross-Border Cooperation will create results by introducing a reality show that promotes interaction and mutually beneficial collaboration.

There will be no artificial fixes. The solutions will come from a change in environment and the ability to use this new focus to change things for the better: All the participants will be at different levels in life and the goal is to place them all at the same level.

When the general public realizes that they can be involved in the transformation and that it personally affects them in that they can apply for positions, purchase the products and services, invest, and apply to be on USA Teamwork or Cross-Border Cooperation, as well as learn from the comprehensive personal and business library, they are going to want to be actively involved. Handouts are not the answer. Entrepreneurship promotes capitalism and then creates more people who are then able to both sit on and contribute to charities.

Governments need to investigate thoroughly of offering better income tax deductions and credits for those who invest in new businesses.

USA Teamwork and Cross-Border Cooperation will actively address in a positive way issues which hinder entrepreneurship. These include banks and credit card companies charging usurious interest rates versus promoting entrepreneurship, an outdated educational system using the mandate "MBA + Poverty = Success", an archaic NAFTA system (where an updated free trade mandate is crucial) and changing from an "I win you fail" mentality to one of teamwork. Then alliances can be based on sincerity versus backstabbing.

The contribution that these people will make to society in terms of full time employment creation and capital injection will be huge. Thus, they are worth the initial investment to move them to function on that level. The entrepreneurs that make it onto USA Teamwork and Cross-Border Cooperation will be of the highest caliber and potential. They will illustrate in their 2 minute audition that although they are currently in poverty, living paycheck to paycheck or have not reached anything near their potential, once the barriers are removed they will reach the highest pinnacles of success.

USA Teamwork and Cross-Border Cooperation can expect applicants who are unemployed, underemployed, current entrepreneurs, and those who are working full time, and looking for an opportunity to do something more with their lives.

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