A New" Sister Sports Talk Show Team, The Sport Mavericks Introduce "A New Steelers' Dynasty": Are Pittsburgh Steeler's 2004 Rookies Ben Roethlisberger, Max Starks, Willie Parker, Matt Kranchick and Ricardo Colclough Destined to Be Future Football Hall of Famers?

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On Tuesday, January 11, 2005,at 8:00pm EST (voiceamerica.com), Sport Mavericks hosts, Ida Muorie and Elleanor Starks, broadcasting on Internet Radio Station (voiceamerica.com), welcomed 2004 NFL's AFC North Champions, Pittsburgh Steelers' Rookies to Sport Mavericks to talked about their first Division Playoff game on January 15th, and whether or not they see themselves as the "Steeler's New Dynasty" after thirty years. We will also asked them if there is a Superbowl in their future, and do they have what it takes to make it to the Footballl Hall of Fame.

Steeler's made significant history this year, when the Steeler's became the first AFC Team to end a regular season 15-1. This achievement earned them homefield advantage and a bye-week to watch and study their potential play-off opponents. The 2004 Rookie Class contributed significantly to the Steelers' championship year, and it has the sports statistician thinking that this Rookie Class could be the Steelers' New Dynasty after thirty years.

It took forty years from its inception before the Steelers would win a AFC Central title, and a Superbowl. In 1973,the Steelers won a wild card playoff berth with a 10-4 record. The Oakland Raiders trumped the Steelers with a 33-14 defeat kicking the Steelers out of the 1973 playoffs. Following a disappointing season, the Steelers drafted 4 potential Hall of Famers, Lynn Swann, Jack lambert, John Sallworth and Mike Webster in the 1974 Draft. In 1974, the Steelers won their first Superbowl, and repeated history in 1975, 1978 and 1979. Was it the 1974 Draft that started the Steelers' greatest history, and can we be looking at a "New Steelers Dynasty" with the 2004 Rookie Class thirty year later?

The Steeler's 2004 Rookie had an impressive year, and each made "significant" individual contributions to the Steeler's winning season. QB Ben Rothlisberger has surpass any NFL Rookie Quarterback by leading his team to a 15-1 season. Ben took the Steelers to places even Bradshaw never was able do during his entire career. Ben also made the fans forgive the Steelers for not drafting Dan Marino. Ben did what John Unitas, Joe Montana, Dan Marino and Brett Favre and every other NFL quarterback never managed to do win the NFL Rookie of the Year Award.

When the Steelers' opponents heard the announcer declared that Max Starks was an "eligible receiver" they knew a major play was coming on offense. Max served as an anchor for Jerome Bettis on many of his record 100 yard games. Starks assisted Bettis in having a record setting year. Max is considered as the Right Tackle of the Future, and had an impressive year.

Willie Parker(RB), an undrafted rookie free agent, had 102 yards rushing, including a 58-yarder that set up Jeff Reed's 37 field goal during the Buffalo Bill's game. Willie is considered as the fastest RB on the Steelers with his 4.2 forty speed. His teammate Ricardo Colclough finish off the Buffalo Bills playoff hopes, when Bledsoe was blind-sided by the rookie cornerback, who forced a fumble that fell directly into James Harrison's hands for the winning touchdown.

To round off the corp is 6'8 Matt Kranchick had a supportive role as a back-up tight end. Kranchick size and agility gives the Steelers a double threat. The subs were super to the end.

About "The Show"

Steelers Rookies spokesperson Max Starks will introduce his teammates, and we will talk about their experiences of being on the AFC North Championship team as rookies, and playing in their first divisional playoff game on January 15th. We will talk about their families, and their greatest moments of this past season. We will also get their impressions of their arch rival New York Jets surviving the San Diego Chargers during the NFL Wildcard weekend. We will asked them if they believe that they are the "Steelers' Newest Dynasty"? We will also asked them if there is a Superbowl in their future, and do they have what it takes to be future hall of famers?

About "Sport Maverickstm"

"Sport Maverickstm" brings education and athleticism together to level the playing field for parents of athletes. The show takes sports off the kitchen table and into the boardrooms and warrooms of sport organizations. The show presents real life experiences and solutions that help parents and athletes navigate through the challenges of playing sports and going professional. "Sport Maverickstm" also educatesb the general public by presenting athletes that are "True" role models making major contributions on the field and off the field.

Host/Executive Producer and President and CEO of IRM Production Company, Ida R. Muorie, is an experienced public speaker, seminar leader, published author, sports advocate, and former Chaplain and Education Director for the University of Florida (Gator Parent Association-GPA). She is a Life Skill Speaker and conduct workshops for parents and student-athletes through the Pro-Ready Impact Programs. Muorie also is the show creator and Executive Producer.

Co-Host/Assistant Producer and Vice President of IRM Production Company, Elleanor Starks is the mother of Max Starks of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Steelers' Right Tackle future. Through Elleanor Starks' leadership as the President of the Gator Parent Association, she and Muorie revamped the GPA, and made it a valuable resource for college parents looking to work with compliance in their NCAA school athletic program. She participated in 2004 in a Pittsburgh Steelers American Cancer campaign commercial, and plans to be an integral part of the NFL Parents Association as her son enters his second year as a Pittsburgh Steeler after a successful rookie season.

Associate Producer, Fast Track Expediters, Will Barnes, President and CEO has been instrumental in providing valuable guidance and assistance to Sport Maverickstm since their inception. The shows title song was written and produced by Will Barnes.

Show Adviser, Henry Lawrence is a graduate of Florida A&M. Henry was drafted by the Oakland Raiders in the first round in 1974, and is a Veteran of Three Superbowls. Henry is a major contributor to the SportMaverickstm show and its series of broadcasting as a guest host and sports adviser.

Show Adviser At-Large, Max Starks, OLT for the Pittsburgh Steelers (2004-present). Max was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the third round in 2004, and is the Steelers' Right Tackle Future. Max is an accomplished speaker and spokesperson. Max has served as guest co-host on SportMaverickstm. Smarttalk for Parents and Athletestm.

"Sport Maverickstm" can be heard "Live" Tuesdays, 8:00pm-9:00pm EST and 5:00pm-6:00pm Pacific on http://www.voiceamerica.com Listeners are encouraged to call in "live" with their questions or comments at 1-888-335-5204. Sport Maverickstm replays 12 hours later and archived shows are hosted on (http://www.voiceamerica.com)

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