Tomorrow: Website for Two Important Shows About Entrepreneurship (USA Teamwork & Cross-Border Cooperation) Goes Live

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PRWeb distributes thousands of excellent press releases, but none so important as assisting people to actively turn their lives around while ensuring others benefit from the efforts. It is an opportunity to engage entrepreneurship and for people to apply to the shows, the general audience to invest, purchase products and services, submit resumes; and for film/television companies to actively bid on producing them. USA Teamwork and Cross-Border Cooperation, positively focus on the businesses and overcomes obstacles impeding their goals. It is not looking for a carte-blanche war.

USA Teamwork and Cross-Border Cooperation are not on a witch hunt. The goals are to bring up the huge issues that exacerbate the glass ceiling and then to remove these barriers to allow people to build productive lives.

The most egregious--though by no means exhaustive issues--are:

1)Debt due to usurious credit card interest rates, payroll loans, unemployment, underemployment and current employment that forces two-three jobs to not even make ends meet.

2)Erred credit reports.

3)An archaic educational system that promotes "MBA + Poverty = Success" as its mandate.

4)Collection agencies that harass 24/7.

Unfortunately, there is an unemployment epidemic that no one wants to address. It systemically keeps people who could be successful in their own business (and creating employment opportunities for others) in poverty.

The subject of entrepreneurship has been stifled for years because two crucial mediums didn't exist. The first being a press release service that was in reach of those without deep pockets. The second being reality show concepts that allow issues of importance like poverty versus entrepreneurship to finally be addressed.

Now that both services are available, the time has come to break the bonds of poverty for all the capitalistic and energetic people who have been stuck behind archaic obstacles. Reinforced, creative and innovative 21st century thinking must prevail.

Thus, USA Teamwork positively places five West coast Americans and five East Coast Americans together to create ten successful businesses. Cross-Border Cooperation positively takes five Americans and five Canadians together to create ten successful businesses. Thus the two shows collectively will create twenty businesses that will forge many full time employment opportunities.

These owners also act as mentors for the next season of the show. Because the alliances are real and not backstabbed, people can make sure their colleague is successful: without fear of the "I win-you fail" (typical of most current reality shows) to occur.

Needless poverty effects all ages and condeming people to retire homeless and penniless when the outcome can be completely different is pure cruelity. People want to channel their anger. USA Teamwork and Cross-Border Cooperation encourages that in a positive fashion.

The general public is now the position to benefit from a real reality show as they can purchase products and services from USA Teamwork and Cross-Border Cooperation’s' businesses, invest in them, submit a resume to them and know that there is both a tangible and intangible benefit.

Entertainment companies that are currently in a frenzy for the next big thing, are encouraged to submit their proposals to USA Teamwork and Cross-Border Cooperation and create their own shows as the subject is too colossal for one program alone.

Governments need to offer tax incentives that are current so that people can invest in new businesses. The banking system must change to make money helping businesses grow versus charging unconscionable interest rates.

Thank you for promoting entrepreneurship. Kudos to for their excellent press release services, for their excellent website design and for their excellent hosting.

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