“Statin Drug Therapy without CoQ10 is Contributing to the Rise in CHF in America!” Claims New book

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There is a story here! A book (written by a patient) has been consistently accurate in identifying causes of heart attack long before the national media broke their news?

It is a matter of record and almost prophetic that much of the new heart prevention information that has broken in the news over the past 2 years, had actually been researched and even suggested 3-5 years earlier during the book's 5 years of writing!

This book is considered by many doctors to be the most complete book of not only risk factors––but how to mediate against them including many of the inherited syndrome. Heart disease is now considered 90% preventable!

What might be particularly newsworthy and a story in itself is the fact the author, (like Nathan Pritikin and Linus Paulings), also is not a medical doctor! Wilde’s first book in 1990 was concerned with patient safety in the dental office and identified the general lack of infection control providing pathways to infection and cross-contamination to the public. Many of the changes over the past years may have been in part attributable to the author’s efforts. Medical leaders are hesitant to even endorse the work of their colleagues– yet Directors of Preventive Cardiology of major universities have strongly endorsed the book’s information. Foreword by Karol Watson––Director of Lipid and Hypertension Management and Co-director of Preventive Cardiology, UCLA.

“Until this book, a reliable resource for the patient was simply not available, as the subject is vast and complicated.”

–John Rumberger M.D., Ph.D., FACC former Professor of Medicine-Mayo Clinic and Clinical Professor, Ohio State University

“A must read for anyone who wants to help themselves or a loved avoid a heart attack or stroke.”

–Michael Miller M.D., Ph.D., Director of Preventive Cardiology, University of Maryland

“What Christian Wilde suggests today, is destined to become standard medical practice within the next decade” –– M.D., Gregory Guldner, Director Residency, Loma Linda University.

Issues like vulnerable plaque, statins and inflammation as well as the actual causes and remedy. A suggestion for considering combination cholesterol therapy--finding a remedy for high fibrinogen, suggesting less lenient national guidelines for triglycerides, LDL and other risk factors including homocysteine. Identifying inadequate female heart care assessement and announcing risk factors for women still not widely discussed. The danger of sleep apnea for both adults and children as well as warning of DVT. Explaining “silent strokes”--calling for closer monitoring of clot formation as the final pathway to heart attack and stroke--explaining an alternative for bypass surgery and bringing awareness to HCM as the major killer of young athletes and children. There is more!

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