The Church of God on the Internet was Launched into Cyberspace this Week with Good News for Christians – a Stairway to Heaven that Doesn't Stop at the Bank on the Way

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The Church of God on the Internet launched a web presence today to educate Christians on the sin of usury. There is also a plan in place for members to participate that will allow them access to money without conventional interest.

The Church's #1 goal is to bring to the Christian World an Internet presence that will educate all people about the sin of usury. And, to provide a program that fulfills its promises and allows those involved to be free from the financial institutions and the payment of interest, providing a level of financial freedom for Christians that has been unobtainable in the past.

Pope John Paul II spoke about the "worrisome and, unfortunately, widespread phenomena of usury, which often brings with it dramatic social consequences." and has called it a "serious social evil" and "great social scourge".

"I can't ignore the calling to do something about the sin of usury any longer." said Administrator and founder, Rev. Herman Coleman "and so I've launched this Internet Church with a plan for members to help each other live free from usury. For the past three thousand years, almost every major spiritual leader and philosopher, including Moses, Jesus, Plato, Aristotle and Aquinas has denounced usury, and yet it continues to be a controlling factor in our lives. We aren't hearing this message from God very clearly and if we are to share Jacob's dream of the ladder then we must listen and take action."

The concept of “usury” has a long historical life, throughout most of which, it has been understood to refer to the practice of charging financial interest in excess of the principle amount of a loan. In more recent times, it has been interpreted as interest above the legal or socially acceptable rate

Coleman says "In addition to providing a means for our members money needs without the payment of usury, we will offer education on managing and budgeting money as well as maintaining an emergency financial relief fund to help our members when in need. There is also member referral program to help some folks immediately. "

"While our program won't be for everyone and it's not an instant overnight cure for current financial problems it is one big step in the right direction", said Rev. Coleman who added, "People need alternatives that are in accordance with what their fundamental beliefs are. We can't keep calling ourselves good Christians when we continue to ignore Moses, Jesus and the Pope and bow down to the banks and other financial institutions, putting money and profit where God should be."

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