Wiring-Up Key Java Open Source Projects

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There are a lot of open source software projects in the Java space. The popular ones are actually extremely popular, becoming common place within most Java developerÂ?s tool boxes. However, being separate projects, it takes considerable effort to develop applications that consistently bring them all together.

There is a movement today and a lot of buzz surrounding “Java Open Source Stacks”, which combine open source projects into a single bundled deliverable. Unfortunately, architects and developers building new applications will not find these stacks initially useful since they lack the ability to truly assist in the design and development of an application. They only become useful once the application begins to take shape.

Another limitation of the open stack is a lack of abstractions between the open source project and the application being developed. Without this, a decision to use something other than a particular project will result in wide spread changes to all applications using the project. With the right abstraction in place, the only change is to the abstract implementation.

Zeroing in on the problem of cleanly bringing together key open source Java projects, realMethods provides a single cohesive Java/J2EE framework. This framework provides complete coverage for any J2EE application scenario, and does so by effortlessly generating complete applications that seamlessly wire together popular Java open source projects.

“We recognize the tremendous value of open source efforts such as Apache’s Struts, Axis, Velocity, Log4J, and Ant projects, as well as Hibernate and JUnit. Each of these projects is very useful independently, but from an application standpoint, there is typically significant work in wiring them together. Our framework and code generator makes this happen without any developer effort.” says Steven Randolph, CTO of realMethods. “Customers understand the strength, popularity, and low risk usability of these collaborative open software projects, and claim this to be an important factor when adopting our framework as their enterprise standard. Our framework simply takes it to the next logical level by generating usable and extendable applications that leverage an open source stack, and this is where the hard work is. Also, the framework provides abstractions on top of the open source project, so a different project can be swapped in with minimal impact to the generated application.”

About realMethods

realMethods is a provider of a framework used by organizations to simplify the consistent delivery of design patterned based J2EE applications. The framework is compliant with the OMG’s MDA standard, and is a complete implementation of the core J2EE design patterns. Customers use the realMethods Framework to build enterprise J2EE applications within both domestic and foreign industries across many vertical markets including insurance, financial services, education, and government.


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