Internet Software Unexpectedly Falls Ill.

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Â?An obsolete Internet standard software is nearing a quick natural death attributed to old age.Â? says company President, John Tummolo.

Abb Abbiel, LLC., the Internet company behind the increasingly-popular brand, announced non-secure unreliable Email-based software everywhere has unexpectedly fallen ill.

“Email as the continued accepted communications standard is nearing a natural death attributable to old age.” says company President, John Tummolo. "Its near passing is greatly anticipated by most everyone. Frustration with email-based systems has reached critical mass. Everybody is fed up with fake ‘spoofed’ unknown email message senders. Everyone is still hounded by infectious SPAM even after a massive dose of government regulation attempted to cure the email-based systems ailment. Everyone has slowly witnessed the erosion of reliable email primary functions. People can no longer reliably trust email attachments, view images or accept HTML-formatted content for fear of introducing a virus infection to their PC. To regain some functionality they are forced to pay for massive doses of anti-viral software.”

"For the longest time email was mistakenly thought of as a healthy free-spirited capability. It was never really free. Now Email is a tired costly hassle. People need to worry about having their personal email address book secrets divulged. Everyone has difficulties simply identifying evolving email contact information. Dealing with large membership groups is virtually impossible. Email memberships can not communicate reliably when every member lacks fresh up-to-the-minute contact information. Email list servers are often for unilateral message rant distributions. People resent being forced to care for downloading, installing, configuring and updating email messaging software using their time. When email users access an alien PC they are unrecognized and do not have access to their personal email configurations. Their mobility is restricted so they can not easily use any PC to access their email messaging capability. Once email messaging software is downloaded to their PC they are forced to manage the slow and annoying software update processes. If they use another PC they do not have use of their email address book. If they want to use another PC they are forced to re-iterate, specify and re-configure their email servers. People are repeatedly frustrated and exhausted when told they do not recall and understand obscure technical details about email security including digital certificates. The list of illnesses goes on and on. Even web mail is non-secure. Imagine trying to use these out-dated email-based systems for secure membership communications. Each member may encounter numerous and frequent obstacles making viability of communicating via email-based systems an unwieldy house-of-cards." says Mr. Tummolo.

“That is why the new secure community messaging solution is quickly becoming the leading way Internet users securely communicate. It simply eliminates the vast array of issues email users are unreasonably expected to manage and understand. Our solution simply delivers consistent and reliable messaging functionality without unreasonably expecting users to care for, manage, and understand its maintenance and upkeep. Our software places the PC back under the direct command of users who have slowly been dragged into subservient positions as unpaid ailing software care technicians by aging email-based software companies” says Mr. Tummolo. “People want pure healthy computing again, not PCs requiring constant round-the-clock care, coddling and tweeking.”

“The last thing email messaging software users want are weak claims email ‘fights’ SPAM and viruses for that secure ‘feeling.’ People want security, not a ‘feeling’ of security. People want SPAM and viruses to be eliminated by design, along with the elimination of the long list of other email ailments. Can you blame them? When did it become impossible to provide healthy hassle-free email messaging software? Who convinced everyone problematic non-secure aging email should be upheld as the Internet standard because it’s cheap?" asks Mr. Tummolo. "First of all, email is not cheap or free. Even most web mail systems require you to provide a valid email address. Therefore, most web mail is not cheap or free either. You have to pay someone a significant fee just to get an ISP email address in order to get web mail. Therefore, with these aging hassle-riddled email-based systems you pay an ISP fee, you pay for virus protection, you also pay with your time, inconvenience and frustration.” says Senior Marketing Representative, Mr. Jon Roberts.

“It’s not cool for people to pay to adopt ailing email systems and hassles. It’s not cool to claim ailing email and web mail is free or cheap. That spells fresh new opportunity for us.” says Mr. Tummolo. “Once cool people begin to realize they have been paying to adopt ailing email hassles they start running to visit to see how superior, healthy, secure and hassle-free messaging mobility works. In 2005 our successful secure community messaging solution will be rewarded for its continued ability to provide turnkey hassle-free secure community messaging capabilities ‘as usable as a bread toaster.’ Our solution has been designed to avoid hassles and ailments. You may ask, 'How did a bread toaster get mentioned?' Well, most anyone can approach any bread toaster and make toast successfully. Why? Bread toaster users are not expected to be electrical engineers or nurses who coddle and manipulate the toaster to function. The same ease-of-use is now demanded by our secure community messaging users. The proven ability of our company to deliver viable secure community messaging software meeting such expectations and demands will fuel our wave of success in 2005" says Mr. Tummolo. is the primary example of this new metamorphosis to pure functional ailment-free computing. Computers were intended to aid humankind, not to hinder and enslave them. As more and more people discover the pure-computing messaging capabilities of they flock to our site to subscribe. People want reliable secure community messaging function lacking email hassles. They just ‘want to make toast’. They refuse to continue being encumbered with a plethora of technical issues. They refuse to be arrogantly expected to understand and subsequently manage messaging software. Our secure community messaging solution simply allows just about anyone to instantly realize immediate and reliable trouble-free secure communications functionality, without adopting hassles. MyCommunityLink is the new beginning of reliable, problem-free online communications. We call our capability secure community messaging. With at least one community in all fifty States, we are now well-positioned to succeed in furthering the pervasive acceptance of our ‘toaster-like’ technology in 2005. That’s very exciting.” says Mr. Tummolo. A round-the-clock vigil will be held for Email at an undisclosed location.

About the Solution

When using the Internet to communicate there's a big difference between "feeling" secure and being secure. Be secure with the MyCommunityLink (MCL) "bank like" SSL-secure community messaging center. It is used by members of private communities for trusted communications while avoiding the headaches with email, web mail, restricted messaging, a forum, a bulletin board, a chat room, a web site or a blog. With our solution, members simply join a community name to reach others in their community participating from the convenience of other Internet-ready PCs. The only "secure messaging technology" our members need to manage is their member ID and password (assigned during enrollment). Unlike other messaging systems, our members are not forced to own a PC, download, install, configure, update and manage pesky messaging software. Our members do not have to own an email address, accept cookies, manage digital IDs and "passports", or even subscribe to an Internet service connection provider (aka, "ISP"). For example, they may access this service from a library or friend's PC. Our members simply use this solution as easily as if they were "making toast in any toaster." Priced at only $4.99 per monthly membership, our service is quickly becoming the "big bang for the buck" community members can actually "see, touch and feel." The MyCommunityLink team fully-supports the solution 24/7 combining security, convenience and support. Activate your community today. Then you can invite others and start linking your community together via "the touch of a button."

What is secure community messaging?

Secure means the information our members transmit and receive from their private community message center is unreadable as it travels across the public Internet. Community means members of a private community share the message center. Unlike personal messaging inboxes, secure community messaging users share the same information when accessing the community's message center. They may also send messages, announce events, conduct surveys and place content for viewing by the entire community. It synchronizes active members, information, communications and history. It eliminates the problem of maintaining and distributing up-to-the-minute member contact information to specific PCs. All of these issues are seamlessly managed by our high-performance servers and databases. Our solution also includes a superior "one member-to-selected member(s)" secure messaging capability. Targeted messages can be sent to selected members within the member's community (intra) and/or to members in other MCL communities (inter). Unlike other messaging software, our solution makes it impossible for any non-member to send messages or view content from any private community. Our solution eliminates message SPAM and viruses. In addition, no person can fake or "spoof" who sent a message. MyCommunityLink eliminates these common irritating issues often encountered with other messaging software. Messaging means our users are able to conveniently and reliably communicate without persistent obstacles. They are not constantly hassled by an arrogant expectation they should continually struggle to accommodate and manage "complex" issue-riddled messaging software.

For more information visit and try the hassle-free demonstration.

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