Podcast & Portable Media Expo To Be Held in Southern California

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First event for new industry of podcasting to be held November 10-12, 2005 in Ontario, California as growth of portable content skyrockets

Will podcasting become as popular as blogs? That's the bet one entrepreneur is taking by launching the Podcast & Portable Media Expo, November 10-12 in Ontario, California.

“Podcasting” is a new method of content delivery whereby audio and video can be downloaded automatically to an iPod, mp3 player or other portable media device. Podcasting is quickly becoming a significant threat to traditional radio because listeners now have thousands (and soon, millions) of choices outside of traditional AM and FM radio.

Tim Bourquin, founder and president of TNC New Media, organizer of the new event and a podcaster himself at EnduranceRadio.com, believes there is tremendous potential for podcasting. Bourquin suggests that although the term “podcasting” is new, thousands of people already “podcasting” and thousands more are downloading and listening to podcasts.

Podcasting Expected to Grow Exponentially

The appeal of podcasting is that unlike commercial radio which relies on large numbers to attract advertisers, podcasts are typically “narrowcasts”. Podcasters, who operate over the free internet instead of over expensive airwaves can offer highly focused content to smaller audiences and, if they wish, make a profit doing so.

Bourquin, himself an avid mountain biker, offers EnduranceRadio.com as an example. While it would be unlikely that a commercial radio program – even sports radio - would ever focus solely on endurance sports like triathlon or adventure racing because of the limited appeal to advertisers, EnduranceRadio.com can offer interviews and other audio programming to a pre-qualified market. While this programming may be offered for free, Bourquin notes that sponsors trying to reach these small niches will find value in supporting these narrowcasts.

Bourquin also notes that the blog phenomenon also started small and has grown from a few dozen blogs to more than 5,000,000 over the past five years. Much like the blog phenomenon has made “stars” out of some bloggers who have built readership numbers that rival and even exceed some major daily newspapers, Bourquin believes podcasts will become a vital alternative to commercial radio, enabling all types of narrowcasted programming to reach audiences thirsty for content perfectly matching their interests. Bourquin and Rich Westerfield of TSMI’s Trade Show Marketing Report ( http://tsmi.blogs.com/tsmiblog/ ) are beginning a regularly scheduled podcasting program on trade shows and events through the Corante network beginning in January. ( http://www.corante.com/eventlab/ )

Chris Mcintyre of PodcastAlley.com, the best-known directory of podcasts, states, "Podcast Alley's directory of podcasts is growing exponentially each month. The Podcast and Portable Media Expo will provide the perfect venue for individual podcasters to get together and discuss everything that goes into developing, creating and promoting their programs. It's also going to be a great opportunity for companies already creating content for the web to explore new distribution and revenue models."

Conference to Bring Together Podcast Hardware, Software, Services for First Time

The success of Apple’s iPod and the growing number of portable media devices (as evidenced at the latest Consumer Electronics Show) have added fuel to the fire of podcasting. Individuals and companies alike can now inexpensively “broadcast” their programs to millions of portable media devices like iPod via RSS (Really Simple Syndication), a method widely used by bloggers to distribute blog posts to readers. And, like happened with the blogging industry, Bourquin is certain that solutions and support providers for production, measurement, advertising distribution and other services will find the podcast market has tremendous growth potential.

Like many new technologies, this one first flourished within an online community of enthusiasts who discuss the nuances of recording, editing and distributing their content to the world. Podcast & Portable Media Expo will bring together this same community in an “offline” event where they can evaluate the tools and services necessary to produce their shows and also allow them to build partnerships with each other and larger media companies looking to expand their universe of content.

“The conference program will feature sessions on business models, content creation, promotion, licensing, syndication and distribution. The exhibit hall will showcase the latest software tools, hardware, devices and other resources for podcasting and portable media,” notes Bourquin, who has also successfully produced other events with a technology bent, most notably the Online Trading Expo for daytrading, which he recently sold.

Bourquin adds, “I see a day when your home television and car stereo will have an integrated content aggregator built in that will automatically download audio and video content based on keywords or subjects you have specified. Imagine the niche content you’ll have access to!”

Although of keen interest to individuals because of the low barriers to entry, the evolution of podcasting is being watched closely by large corporations as well. Companies producing audio or video content now have an easy way to target millions of iPods and other portable media devices with both “advertorial” content as well as ad integrated into content so niche it will be “hyper-targeted” to an audience who has specifically requested it.

Podcast & Portable Media Expo will also offer awards for: Best in Show, Podcast of the Year, and also Person of the Year.

Podcast & Portable Media Expo is produced by TNC New Media of Laguna Niguel, Calif. TNC New Media produces unique niche events and online media in several industries including The Small Business Expo, Endurance Expo, Forex Trading Expo and EnduranceRadio.com.

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