30 – 90 Minutes Per Day? No Sweat!

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Get in shape right at your desk three minutes at a time. Software program helps fulfill the Federal guidelines of 30 - 90 minutes of exercise per day

Thirty to ninety minutes of exercise every day, just to meet the new Federal guidelines? Who has time for that?

“…That's as simple as it can be. It is not too hard," says Tommy Thompson, Health and Human Services Secretary.

Not too hard for whom? The guidelines are in conflict with the lifestyle habits of most Americans. However, the lifestyle habits of most Americans are in conflict with plain common sense when it comes to health and fitness. For many it seems to be a choice of success or health. Long hours at the desk and family commitments make getting enough exercise impossible. Or do they?

Until now yes. Until Break Pal, that is. Break Pal is a new software solution that just hit the marketplace. Break Pal not only solves the problem of how to fit enough exercise into a day, but solves several other problems associated with the desk job such as:

· Decreasing the risk of computer related injuries such as neck and shoulder stiffness or Carpal Tunnel

· Boosting productivity

· Getting enough exercise

· Increased motivation to exercise

A miracle program? Maybe.

So how does this work? Break Pal is based on the idea that all exercise is cumulative — in other words, three minutes of exercise ten times a day is as effective as forty five minutes of exercise after work. Federal guidelines also state that computer users should stop and take a break every thirty minutes, taking a few minutes to least get up and stretch. Better yet, how about a few minutes of exercise?

Break Pal not only reminds the computer user to take a break but teaches him/her a unique new exercise, designed to get the blood pumping and provide a full body workout. Just before breaking a sweat, the user clicks a button and the program disappears to come back again in 30 minutes.

Break Pal exercises can be done in a small space with no impact on the joints, and still provide a great workout. Cyber Liz, the digital version of co-creator and fitness instructor Liz Weaver, gently coaxes you out of your chair with statements like, “C’mon, I know you’re busy, but you’ll get more done and feel better if you work out with me for just a minute.” She leads you through a quick tutorial (which can be bypassed) and then to the exercise. When you’ve had enough, one click and she’s gone until next time.

These are not your typical quick stretch exercises but moves that will really get your heart pumping quickly. The idea is that the exercises are not only good for you, but fun. People just won’t exercise without motivation, but they actually get up and do these rather than shutting it off. Our testers had great results.

Three minutes every thirty minutes adds up to a full 45 minute workout at the end of an eight hour workday. And that time will never really be los — studies show that computer users who take regular breaks work more efficiently, which in turn easily makes up for the time on break.

Fantastic not only for computer users but also for the companies that employ them: increased productivity means higher profits, and reduced risk of OOS means lower Worker’s Comp costs.

The premiere version of Break Pal is based on a martial arts aerobics workout and runs on a single user’s machine. Future versions now in development will feature such exercises as T’ai Chi, Yoga, and even Belly Dancing.

“Keeping things fun and interesting keeps workers motivated,” says Phil Weaver, co-creator of the software. Future versions will also run over LANs so the entire company can workout together.

Break Pal is available on CD or by download at http://www.breakpal.com.

Phil Weaver

Break Pal

139 Main St

Valley Springs, CA 95252

(209) 772-1760


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