Green Tea Promotes Dramatic Weight Loss In Diet Product

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WARP 9's Green Tea Clinically Proven To Help Users Lose Weight

Green Tea has recently become rapidly popular in weight loss dietary supplements. Although Green Tea comes in many strengths and variations buyers should be careful to purchase only the standardized Green Tea Extract that contains guaranteed potencies of the weight loss inducing polyphenols. One such diet product that does contain the correct Green Tea Extract has been making headlines recently because it also utilizes important co-factors that enhance Green Tea's weight loss effects even greater.

That product is WARP 9 made by DynaPure Nutrition ( and the company says the 9 main ingredients in the patent pending formula are not only standardized but they work synergistically to promote healthy weight loss.

According to DynaPure Chief Science Officer and formulator Pete Maletto, co-factors are important in making Green Tea more effective in losing weight. "Green Tea Extract is effective at inducing thermogenesis, but when you combine it with the specific nutrients in WARP 9 it also helps appetite reduction by enhancing neurotransmitter activity important in reducing hunger signals."

Green Tea Extract is one of the nine active ingredients in the WARP-9 formulation, which contains EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), a key element in the polyphenol antioxidants contained in green tea. These polyphenols benefit weight loss by helping the body to burn fat by increasing body heat (thermogenesis). They have been widely studied in weight loss recently.

Current research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded: "Consumption of green tea produced thermogenesis and increased energy expenditure and fat oxidation" in humans. One study in Switzerland found drinking the equivalent of 2-3 cups of green tea daily caused the participants to burn 80 extra calories each day, without increasing their heart rates and factoring out the tea's caffeine content. This is due to the EGCG polyphenol content in green tea.

Health Food Store owners and their employees claim to have many products that contain Green Tea but have been quick to point out that WARP 9 seems to bring back the best reviews to the store. In fact, one store manager at HealthFair in Little Silver NJ said "I have many weight loss products that contain Green Tea, but my customers have noticed that the supportive ingredients in WARP 9 have really taken Green Tea's weight loss benefits to the next level."

Typical research has dosage recommendations at 125-500 mg/day (this should be equivalent to 4-10 cups of brewed green tea.) and WARP-9 contains 200mg per serving of Green Tea Extract which provides more than the optimum daily dose for its typical weight loss properties.

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